Blue Full Aquarius Moon 7/31/2015

Happy Blue Full Aquarius Moon, it is traveling to Pisces.  Every body feeling that energy??  This energy that has been entering our live is really bringing about change for us all.  Our son is heavily in Leo (conjunct with Mercury), Jupiter is in Leo, Venus is retro in Leo, Saturn turns direct on the 1st of August and within the week Mars will come into Leo.  Leo’s are great, but that’s a lot of Leo fire!  Many have had or are having some major breakthroughs.  We are seeing clarity in things like very before.  It seems as the days go by, things are being revealed over and over to us.  With Lughnasadh on August 1st, we are seeing that as we walk into the newness of life, there will be things that are sacrificed.  Lughnasadh/Lammas is the frist of the harvest sabbats and the last of the fire sabbats.  It is known as the grain harvest, and it is when Lugh is struck down.  Seasons changing, changing of self.  Some of you may feel a bit different, maybe things that no longer entertained you doesn’t anymore..maybe you feel a bit weird.  Full moons can be a conclusion to things in your life, like relationships, jobs etc.  And remember, change can be challenging so just flow with the tide.  This change can give you the feelings of being lost.  Know that you’re not, you’re just getting your footing in this new territory.  Maybe some of your thoughts and feelings are unexpected as well, this could throw you off a bit.  Full moons illuminate as well, so keep that in mind.  Look at what is happening around us.  There is definitely a call for our compassion to all living beings!  So on with the reading!!


We start out enjoying our connections (3 of CUPS).  This is getting together with like minds, those we want to have partnerships with.  A celebratory time as well as a time that you may be coming together with your female friends.  In essence, this is a conclusion to something you have been working on, an accomplished goal maybe.  The three women in the picture is the Maiden, Mother and Crone, beginning to end. This could also be a very creative time in your life as well.  Our challenge is to let the stress and tension go (9 of SWORDS).  Stress attacks us, robbing us of rest and nourishment for our bodies.  It is time to release that, it is doing nothing good for us.  Time to leave the stress behind us, be gentle to our self and let our bodies rest and let them be nourished.  Our advice is that it is time to expand/grow (3 of STAVES).  This could be studying, maybe you are thinking of starting school or wanting to learn something new, maybe travel is coming up for you or a new job.  Either way, it is time to grow, so allow the process. We find our self with choices, but not completely on the logical side, but more on the intuitive side (2 of SWORDS).  Maybe you are coming up to the energy of a truce, agreeing to disagree or having to realize that you have to let things proceed with it’s own course.  With growth, there is always changes/choices to be made and they are not always easy.  Make the decisions that are going to be the best for your soul.  Maybe some more intellectual knowledge would benefit you right now.  So for those planning on starting a study program, this card couples with 3 of Staves, now is good energy for that.  That combination also tells me that it will bring more of a balance into your life.   Remember, 2’s mean balance as well, so maybe being more studied up on something will bring more of the intellectual balance into our life.  The energy carrying this reading is the ACE of STAVES, and this is all about growth!  This is the energy of “go for it”.  You are sitting on ready…so GO!  This also indicates break through moments in your life.  Or maybe you are restless and don’t know which way to proceed.  The reading should guide you into that direction.  You may have many ideas or thoughts on the way you should proceed and you’re just simply not clear on where to place that energy. This card is a seed that is ready to be planted and fed to grow into that which you wish to manifest.  So if this is the case, use this reading to help you better decide.

If you would like a more detailed reading or even a yearly reading, send me a message and we can set that up.

Have an awesome Full Blue Moon weekend!

Blessed Be,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on August 1, 2015.

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