Daily Terra Reading 7/29/2015

Good day every one.  This has been a week hasnt it.  There are a lot of people finding clarity, maybe not exactly what they wanted but it is clarity.  For today the Fae that has come to visit with us is TOBAIRA of the WATERS.


 She brings with her emotions,  serenity, meditation and gracefully accepting change.  Wow that is three huge words…gracefully accepting change.  Faerie waters are known to be healing and are connected to emotions, Tobaira and her helpers try to keep the waters pure, but when we are in stressful situations, this will lessen that purity.  Water helps transform nutrients in the body and it is important that it is pure.  One thing water is is changeable.  You can put it in any vessel, and it takes that shape.  Tobaira urges us to change our emotions, get them in check as they can lead to the failing of our health.  We have to understand that the choices we make have consequences and we need to learn to flow with that change.  As we fight against it, it cause tremendous stress in our bodies leading us to illness.  When things get hectic, we need to remain constant, keeping on and flowing on.  Changes do cause chaos, be fluid like water, maintain your course while flowing with the energy.  Maybe some time alone will help you get better clarity, like meditation or just being in a serene place to be with you.  Know that changes does come, your choice is to either flow with it and make it work for you, or fight it the whole way bring illness and chaos into your life.  Be well!

Blessed Be,

Stacy )0(

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~ by TerraRubrae on July 29, 2015.

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