Daily Terra Reading 7/27/2015

Happy Moon day everyone!  I hope every one had a good weekend.  I know there are many that are still feeling crazy energy, as there are many things going on within our world and the energy surrounding our world.  There will be a blue moon on the 31st and that will be followed by Lughnasadh or many know it as Lammas.  Lughnasadh is our first harvest of the year, it is our grain harvest.  Maybe this energy is showing you what you need to harvest in your life.  I will talk about the blue moon in more detail in a different post.  I am sure this coming weekend will be very intense.  Our son has entered the sign of Leo and our Moon is in Sagittarius….fire!

On with today’s reading;



This is your ultimate father figure.  This is our security, discipline, control and abundance.  He has high ambitions, s successful, is materially satisfied, everything is touches is gold.  His energy is that of meeting our highest potential and fulfillment.  Today’s advice is to honor those things inside of you that you have achieved.  We are all on a journey, evolving daily, but we need to set some time aside and be joyous in what we have accomplish thus far.  Be happy that you are no longer in a place where you felt insecurity, lack or unhappiness.  He may also be advising you to get get down to your basics, solve your problems.  This king is a bit dull, but he is making sure all things are covered and taken care of.  Get out of your way and create your abundance.  If you are focusing upon buying property/real estate, this is a good sign that now is the time.

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(

~ by SironaRose on July 27, 2015.

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