Cancer New Moon Terra Reading 7/15/2015

Happy Cancer New Moon Blessings everyone!!  The New Moon will be at 9:24 pm est, and this is the time for planting new seeds.  Oh yes, as many already know this is going to be an intense moon.  Before we get into all that, so what does the Cancer energy bring?  This is about self love, nurturing the self, our feeling/emotions, foundation, family and home.  Developing our emotional security helps us to be strong on the inside.  The moon is joining the sun in Cancer, so yes this will really affect Cancer signs as well as those with their Moon in Cancer.  There is a grand trine that will be gracing us with it’s presence as well; Chiron retrograde (going backwards) in Pisces, Saturn retro in Scorpio and the New Moon in Cancer.  This will aid in releasing old emotions that we seem to be stuck in.  I do want to mention that Pluto (Capricorn) and Uranus (Pisces) have been playing vital roles here lately, as they challenge us to live our truth and can bring impulsiveness and create restlessness.  We also have Mars and Mercury in Cancer, so be careful for triggers as this energy can be very assertive and aggressive.  With Mars in Cancer, this can bring about a fierce type of protection so be careful here.  It seems we are being awakened to truths, so we want a healthy foundation and with Chiron retro I am feeling some old emotional wounds that you might have to deal with.  Emotionally supportive stones to help you; Stellerite can help prevent emotional outburst and deal with changes in your life,  Rose quartz as it brings an energy of self love, Citrine as it can transmute and dissipates negative energy, Selenite is awesome at protecting us from negative energy and unwanted thoughts, as well as Adventurine as it aligns the emotional body.

On with the Reading:


Where we are now is the Goddess YEMANA/BALANCE.  This Sumerian Goddess urges us to seek moderation.  She tells us that we must bring a balance between our spiritual and physical worlds as well as all relationships.  I feel this is where we are, we are trying to bring harmony, healing, especially with the emotions (she is surrounded by water and green).  She is also be advising us that we may need to do some self evaluation.  What are your priorities?  Are you standing in your own way?  Maybe taking some time for meditation so you can better see what your long term goals are.  Taking this time to go inward can help you bring more balance and harmony to your life, which can bring about an inner healing which can open your eyes to see some self truths.  Bring all of us into harmony.

Our challenges are the QUEEN of CUPS, another water card.  So emotions are really speaking to me.  The Goddess Venus represents the suit of cups.  This queen represents the unconscious mind, highly intuitive.  She is able to express love freely and is very nurturing.  She inspires us to live life in harmony.  She is dressed in white, showing  pure love.  A full moon halos her head, suggesting that we can only nourish our souls by going within and learning our own mysteries.  Our challenge is to fully learn what compassion is and to develop her aspects with in our self. Learning to use our heart and mind together.  This could mean we need to be more nurturing to our self as well, have compassion for our bodies that work so hard to keep us going every day.  She reminds us that others may need our compassion, nurturing, love as well.

Our advice is the KING of SWORDS, this suit is ruled by Isis.  This king is very intellectual.  His energy brings calm authority, wisdom and clarity….truth!  He can and does accomplish his goals.  Maybe you need to play a more stern role in your life.  Do you need more focus or discipline in your life?  It’s time you let this king inspire you with his stern, but calm authority.  There are orders to things.  This advice maybe be saying that you need to consult some one of authority, an expert,  for an issue in your life.  This king inspires us to have high ethical standards as well, not letting anyone sway you from that.  He also tells us that we must walk our talk.  Dont sell yourself out, stand tall on your rock of truth.  Speak your truth.  Meditation will help you find that clarity that you maybe looking for.

Our outcome is the PRINCE of STAVES, ruled by Frejya.  Representing fire, his energy inspires us to live and speak our passions.  He is full of energy.  He is the pursuit of our goals.  He gives us the energy to keep on traveling down our path.  He can also mean travel and even a changing of residence.  Be careful not to act first and think later, take the advice of the King of Swords.  This could also mean that an important message or event coming into your life as well.  Do not act in hast.  Give this your attention until it is completed. He is busy, busy energy, so be ready to react quickly and go with the flow. He maybe advising you that as you travel through these moons, you will have the energy to proceed with your goals.  You will have plenty of energy be able to proceed on the path of your desires.

The card that holds the under lying energy of the deck is the 9 of STAVES, another fire card.  This card is generally positive.  Here we are regrouping our thoughts.  Maybe you have had some anxiety over things happening in your life right now and you are just having to rest and reconsider your plans.  Don’t let things overwhelm you now.  Be resilient, this is the last challenge, things are almost at completion.  Protect yourself if you feel you need to, but it’s time to carry on.

May you richly be blessed,

Stacy )0(



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