Terra Reading for 7/7-7/8-2015

Good morning every one.  I hope you are having a great morning.  I am posting or two days, as I will be away from a computer tomorrow…hopefully to return on Friday.  There is a lot of happenings in astrology.  Pluto is playing hard, so transformation people!  I will put a link below of an awesome astrologer that can guide you through the planets for the week.  On with the reading.


For today, we have the Fae HONESTY joining us.  His energy is that of honesty, compassion, tact and self-deceit.  Honestly is usually seen as a plant normally as purple flowers in the spring to silvery-white circular seedpods.  He plants are Moonwort, Satin Flower, Silver Dollar, Moneywort, Dollar Plant, Penny Flower, Bolbonac and on Monday the moons’ day, he is Lunaria annua.  Honesty can repel monsters as well.  Here there is a definite need for honesty, either with yourself or with others.  There is so much confusion flowing around that we can become confused or get swallowed by illusions.  This is not the time of assumptions, things need to be clearly understood.  Everything that you deal with today needs to be completely truthful and clear.  Maybe there are things that are happening in your life you just dont really want to see, you need to.  Putting our heads in the sand doesnt make things disappear.  If you feel something is off, pay attention.  Being honest with yourself and with your dealings will free you from the negative energy that it creates.  The time is now, honesty must be made and seen.  For Wednesday the Fae IRIS of the RAINBOW visits us again.  And if you all remember, she is HOPE.  The light is breaking through, just allow the process.  the bright sky will reveal itself after the dark storm.  As all the dead is removed from our life, are we truly ready for the greatness that awaits us?  It is a time of transformation.  Change is happening, the light will once again kiss our skin.  You might be going through a challenging time, but know that this too will pass, and yes a rainbow will be waiting for you!  I think that if we are honest with our self and others, it will free us from guilt/negative energy.

Hope you have a great day as well as Wednesday.  I will try to be back Friday.

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on July 7, 2015.

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