Daily Terra Reading 7/6/2015


Happy Moon day every one!  I hope everyone is having a good start of the week and is recuperating well from the long weekend.  What an awesome Fae we have joining us today, and just in time I might add.  Today THE GREEN WOMAN blesses us with her presence and she brings natural magic, expectant gratitude and untrammeled creativity.  “The Green Woman dances naked in the moonlight—and in the sunlight and the shadows as well.  She does care what you think of her, she knows her own worth from her experiences of life.”  The Green Woman is advising us to release self imposed constraints, live life.  Find our true self and LIVE IT!  We have to find our path of growth.  Mother Earth nourishes us while Father Sun energizes us.  Sure storms may come and challenge us a bit, maybe even beat us up, but it washes away the old so the new can come.  We have to remember that growth happens only in the fertile ground.  We need to stay grounded and keep our grounds managed so growth can manifest.  She reminds us that it is important to be patient, allow growth to happen.   Like we are awaiting the harvest seasons, we must be tending to ourselves, nurturing, watering, grounding our self so that we can personally have a grand harvest as well…and have gratitude for this process as well.  To me, she is saying do not put limitations upon your self, the sky is the limit.  Just look at her face, her silliness invites gratitude and laughter.  You must tend to yourself, and new growth will come.  Ground and connect with Mother Earth.  Find your true self, and focus upon that path.  She urges us to take a risk, especially on our self.  Take advantage of this enhancing energy by finding your gifts and creative abilities.  Her energy supports perseverance in the face of adversity..even if that means just being patient and allowing the natural growth.  So go dance in the rain or the sun or both!  Allow the rain to wash all the old energy from you, allow the sun to energize and enhance your energy.  March to the beat of your own drum, find YOU!  Nurture you and your growth, as well as the physical that surrounds you.  As within, so with out!

Blessed Be

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on July 6, 2015.

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