4th of July Weekend Reading

Good morning every one!  For those in the US, happy 4th of July.  Freedom is a word that has really been in the new lately.  As US citizens, we value our freedom, but in the midst of valuing our freedom we must value the freedom of others.  Freedom means just that freedom.  One thing we must all remember as we proceed into this weekend, no matter how you feel about war, people lost their lives so you can disagree with the government.  If we did not have those individuals paying the ultimate goal, you would not be able to do your protesting, disagree with the government, practice the religion of your choice or even be able to do the simplest of things we take for granted everyday.  So the Fae that are visiting us this weekend, are very fitting indeed!


For Saturday we have IRIS of the RAINBOWS, her energy is of hope and promise of the future.  Wow awesome card for the 4th of July!!  Iris dwells in the meeting of air (the mind) and water (emotions).  Her essence brings light to dismal skies and hope to darkened hearts.  With all that has been going on, dealing with freedoms, she is very fitting for this time.  While many have been attacked over their views as many can not open their hearts to agree to disagree, Iris says there is hope.  Iris is fully absorbed in the task of reclaiming the light.  She is bringing us out of the darkness of fear, into the light of knowing.  She advises us that using  through our heart and our mind is our way to success.  When we use our heart more, we are too emotional for rationalization.  If we just use our mind, the emotion will not be there.  One can not override the other.  We have to use our intellect as well as our heart when we are making decisions.  After the storm, much will be learned here.  Agreeing to disagree separates the weak from the strong.  Remember that as we pass through a storm, growth will follow.  The storms allow all of the dead and unneeded to blow past us and it could be wise to ask our self what to we need to release.  So, yes, through this storm the dead, unused debris can be blown away, allowing the rainbow and the fresh sun to appear, making way for the new.  After every storm, there is a rainbow….there is HOPE!

Sunday we have The LADY of the HARVEST visiting us.  This lady brings completion, harvest, grief, release and she is also known as the Old Woman or Crone.  After we have a storm, we do have a grief or release.  In the storm we pass through, we may have to let go of things or people that do not fit into our worlds anymore.  Here, The Lady of Harvest reminds us that there is a season for all things.  By releasing what is not longer needed, or wanted, it will bring more happiness into our lives.  This release could be friends, partners, feelings that cause us pain or maybe old traumas.  But by releasing this, it will make us lighter and make space available for that which makes us truly happy and a place that we can truly thrive in.  But you see, this is all up to you.  We must liberate those people or things that no longer resonate with us….that is freedom and that is love.  The Lady reminds us that it is time to accept change and to move on to the next step.  Change is the only constant in this world, seasons change and so does everything else.  As we have already celebrated Litha, summer solstice, the Sun has begun dying every day…one second at a time.  Even if we love the summer days, even those come to an end only to be reborn again at Yule, winter solstice.  True letting go maybe painful, so cry if you need to, take a moment, but then move on.  Please know that new grow and possibilities will happen, the perception is yours.

~ by TerraRubrae on July 4, 2015.

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