Daily Terra Reading 7/2/2015


Happy Thor’s day!  I hope every one had an awesome full moon last night.  Luna was so beautiful here, starting out a pinkish orange and ending in her bright glow.  By having such a wonderful light last night, it is no wonder this Fae came to visit us today.  Today we have SHE of the CRUACH.  Beautiful card, and when you really look at it you can see it is a cup (the Cruach) and it is over flowing.  She is the Great Goddess, Mother of All and all Goddesses are attributes or aspects of her.  She is the universe, nurturing, compassionate and wise.  She is the one that brings things into manifestation.  Through her we achieve fulfillment.  For me this is saying that it is time for nurturing.  There have been a lot of changes happening for many people; new lives, new jobs, new mates, new laws and possibly a new life with self.  The energy is of birthing some thing new.  We are at ground zero and we must “tend” to things.  Take our time, don’t rush.  For She is unconditional love, and through her, understanding healing will take place.  So, today you may want to take some time for yourself to nurture you, or many you need to be the nurturer for some one.  With all the changes that are happening within Mother Earth, it takes time to process it.  Change is a constant, but at times, we need to sit back and open our self to receive her blessings and allow the newness to manifest.  This energy is of something new, something you have been working on is in the process of manifesting.  This is a time of nurturing and comfort so please allow yourself time, be gentle on yourself and know that change is happening.

May the Goddess richly bless you with love and peace today.  May you be able to open your heart and receive the compassion she has to show you.

Stacy )0(

~ by SironaRose on July 2, 2015.

One Response to “Daily Terra Reading 7/2/2015”

  1. Thanks for the admonition and affirmation to rest and replenish. I knew this, but it helps to be TOLD lol!

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