Capricorn Full Moon 7/1/2015

Happy Capricorn Full Moon and it happens at 10:20 pm est.  This moon, called a Buck Moon, Summer Moon, Ripe Corn Moon, Crane Moon, Moon of Calming, Mead Moon, Rose Moon and Hay Moon to name a few.  This will be one of two this month…YES a Blue Moon month!  What an intense time we are having, a lot of energy going on here lately.  This is an intense moon because Pluto is in the picture, but we will cover that in a moment.  We have Sun and Mars in Cancer, the Moon and Pluto are in Capricorn opposing the Sun.  So let’s talk about Pluto for a minute.  Pluto is about power and transformation, how to you use your power…do you give it away?  And it does rule the shadow side, manipulation and hidden agendas.   I am feeling this full moon is about power and what empowers you.  We do have Neptune giving us some positive energy, providing us with creative energy, take time to reflect and connect to your spirituality.  With the coupling of Venus and Jupiter, I like to think of it as the Goddess consciousness expanding.  With the influence of Mercury with them, well he is our messenger!  There is some positive things that could be opening up to you, so you want to be coming from love, not from fear/hate.  Fear is being afraid of the unknown, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Things will be moving fast this month, so please try not to let the negative aspects get you down.  We are definitely having the veil lifted from our eyes, lots of truth being realized.  No one has the right to judge you nor do not let anyone have a greater authority over you……OWN YOUR POWER!  Boundaries are heighten here, make sure you have them in place!!  So on with the reading.


Where we are is the 5 of STAVES (wands).  This is usually ego-based conflict, but losing sight of what is important.  So, here we are seeing there is conflict going on, instead of understand that we are all right and we are all wrong…from our perceptive.  What is good for one is not good for another.  Understanding this will bring you peace.  Healthy competition is great but life is not all about competition so, remain focused on that which you are trying to achieve, but don’t hurt others in the process.  This could also be saying to you that you are giving out too much of your energy and you need to give yourself space and time.  Are you tired?  Then rest, get out of your own way, rest and regroup.  What we are not seeing is the 5 of Swords.  5’s are unpredictable and in constant motion.  This card can mean an uncomfortable truce.  It can also mean, winning when others are suffering.  You see her standing there with her sword with 2 others at her side, the other 2 have thrown their swords down at her feet and walked away (crossed).  What we tend to not see is our words (swords) can hurt others, divide.  You may have won, but to what extent?  Is winning or having your words heard worth hurting friends/family over?  This can also be feelings of defeat as well as  mixed feelings.  I keep feeling the need to watch our words, they can be weapons.  If you truly love some one, hurting them in any way should not even be present in your mind.  Do not hurt others, just so you can win.  It is OK to agree to disagree.  We need to take 5’s energy for food for thought…life is always changing and it’s happening constantly.  Be mindful of that as you proceed to the New Moon on the 15th.  What we do know is the 8 of STAVES, fast movement.  Here we know things are changing fast, energy is very quick now.  Have patience, if you’re expecting something.  We do know change is coming at us quickly.  Staves represent fire which is action, so here we know it is time to take action to your next step, moving with the flow is very beneficial.  Our advice is KING of STAVES.  Ah more movement here.  He is wise, secure, honest, intelligence and wealthy.  This can be a literal person, so if you know of a man that resonates with this energy, it might be wise to listen to his counsel.  This is a good omen card.  I feel that we should take this good energy and allow it to help us expand in our lives.  He stands for abundance of energy, so make it good.  He also cautions not to push too hard too fast.  With the influence of the 8 of Staves, we are feeling that go energy, don’t push, just flow with it and let things bloom the way they should.  He advises us to think positive and to give yourself time and space.  Make your moves smart and timely, listening to your intuition, and your body.  We may be having challenges, so take those new steps, but do so smart.  His abundant energy, if we tap into this, can lead us to much happiness.  The message I hear when I look at this card is “You got this!  Use you intelligence, your passion to help get you there”.  Wands’ energy is the ability to succeed despite the odds.  Our outcome is 7 of PENTACLES, harvest.  Normally a positive card, it reminds you that you will be reaping what you sow.  Where have you been putting your energy??  What goes around will come around.  This card is normally about finance/material, so if you have been working hard toward your business, this is saying you will be rewarded for your hard work.  These are all minor arcana cards, so this is your energy.

I want to add, be conscious of what energy you are bringing into the world.  Is it love or fear?  Know that what you put out will come back to you.  We are in a time of great change, we live on this planet together…let us work together and learn from our past….division only ends in destruction…..FOR ALL!  It is OK to have your path, but it is NOT OK to attack others for having different views than you.

Many you all be blessed with much love and peace….no matter what path you may walk!

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on July 1, 2015.

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  1. Lovely reading Stacy ❤

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