Daily Terra Reading


Happy Tyr’s day everyone.  Wow this energy just keeps getting interesting huh?!  The world is changing fast everyday, evolution.  There are many people that are having problems with this change, but we have to understand that we live on a big planet with many people, with many different walks of life.  So here we go to today’s reading.  We have GLOOMINOUS DOOM visiting us today, and his energy is that of self pity, self defeat, self destruction and taking care of our self.  This guy, although maybe not physically appealing, he does have a bit of charm about himself.  This little guy is about how we view our self as well.  Do we have negative self talk?  Are we lost in our own self pity?  Out attitude about our self feeds into our energy, this we MUST understand.  This little guy looks as if he is on a journey, and in a way he is.  He can help you discover just how bad things  are.  He will walk hand in hand with you discovering all the bad things about yourself and even wallow around in your own negative energy, realizing just how bad things are for you.  Here you are guided to really face yourself about your own beliefs and thoughts and attitudes about our self.  This can be things that we have learned from others, even self limiting beliefs.  When we decide to concentrate on the negative, we only make things worse for our self.  It always helps us out if we can see the lighter, brighter and happier side of things.  We don’t have to hang out in self loathing, really who wants to be around that??  Maybe this is you or a close friend.  Things may not be going the way YOU want them to go and that is OK.  It’s time you pick yourself up, go do something that brings you joy.  If you don’t know what brings you joy, then take this opportunity to find out.  This is a time to really notice things about our self as well, really tune into YOU.  If you are having this problems, then this is the time to work through them and make your life happy.  Only you can do this, no one else….only YOU!  You are beautiful, intuitive, awesome and know what is best for you…you DO!!  You just have to listen to your self and not let Gloominous Doon take you on a journey.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 30, 2015.

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