Weekend Terra Reading

Happy Frigga’s day!  What an intense week….I think I have been saying that for some time.  But it does seem once we get through one thing, it is on to another.  One issue after another.  We had Litha, the summer solstice, last Sunday.  The Sun was at his absolute zenith, the Earth is in complete bloom now, the fruits are beginning to manifest.  The Moon entered Scorpio at 1:57pm est today and this could give us feelings of betrayal, being lied to and even jealousy. Feelings of transition could be heighten with in you and you may experience some emotional intensity.  Our Sun is having some serious flares going on, so this is adding to the intensity of the energy.  Many are having headaches, body aches, mood swings and tiredness just to name a few.  It can just whip you out really.  If you like to wear stones, hematite is always a good grounding stone ( I prefer the magnetic kind) and a stone many have.  You could also use other grounding stones like raw ruby, carnelian, Bruneau jasper, jade, sodalite and all types of salts.

So let us see what energy the cards will be telling us for our weekend.


Friday we have the WISDOM SARASVATI and she is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and culture.  This is the High Priestess card in the regular tarot.  This is a very spiritual card, with a hint of sexuality, and can mean having an interest to become more spiritual or finding a teacher to help you along your path.  Be very aware at this time and watch for synchronicities.  This is telling you to really listen to your intuition here.  There is something being shown to you, but you may have to read between the lines.  This is good card for love, may be having a magical time in love right now.  This card could also indicate that something might be hidden from direct sight, so really pay attention to your intuition and be aware what ALL that is going on.  Sarasvati could also be asking you to come out of your comfort zone a little, experience something new.  Saturday we have the 6 of CUPS.  Cups represent water, which are our emotions.  This card is about harmony and also can be feelings of nostalgia.   Remembering how things used to be doesnt really serve us in the long run.  Also be aware of self fulfilling prophesy as well.  For relationships, you may have to do some refocusing, looking toward your future together.  Remember exes are generally ex’s for a reason.  This just maybe a time for you to tap into your spirituality and creative energy is heightened.  You could feel like recreating a family tradition or bring something that you hold dear into the future, enhancing it.  For Sunday, we have the 10 of PENTACLES.  This card indicates bounty, prosperity and expansion.  This is reminding us that we have a lot to be thankful for.  This is a positive omen card, and tells us our material needs will be met.  Love and finances will be good.  Abundance and feelings of joy and peace.  Like I said this is a great omen card.  Maybe you’re just enjoying your free time before beginning a new work week or maybe you are just out enjoying the day.  So I see Sunday making us grateful for what we have, as this card is about harmonious happiness.

I hope you enjoy this reading.  Remember, be easy on yourself and nurture you!

Many blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by SironaRose on June 26, 2015.

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