Daily Terra Reading 6/25/2015

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Good morning!  I hope all is well with all of you.  As many of you know I had to take some time to myself to recharge, visit with family and just chill.  And the Faeries…well they have not been resting at all, to quote Brian in his book “Faeries trip you up to give you a new perspective on the world”   And isn’t he right!  So let’s get to our reading.  Today we have G. HOBYAH, not sure what the “G” means, but this little guy addresses our fears.  Just by not knowing his full name, gives him power.  Brian wrote about him “He exists only through the collection of our fears.  The Hobyah thrives on fears, getting stronger and stronger until we face him.  He is a Sham–a tiny fear blown all out of proportion–and the smallest positive thought will banish him.  All of Faeryland knows this and non is afraid of him”.  Well that just says a lot about this card reading.

What fears do you feed?  When we turn things over and over in our minds, we tend to make mountains out of mole hills.  Maybe, many of you have things that are going on and you’re not sure of, so you have decided to ignore them for a bit.  When we do not face our fear, problems or anything else that sits heavy upon our mind we give it more power than it really has.  Have you every had a dream of being chased?  And has anyone ever told you to stop and turn around and face whatever is chasing you??  This is the same concept.  Many time we give people and situations a lot more power than they have.  If there is a problem, a sticky situation or anything that you know must be dealt with, this IS the time to do so.  And I am feeling here everything from asking that person out to asking for that raise you deserve.  Our worry makes things a whole lot bigger than what they are.  So today, face that which you keep putting off, face a fear, turn things around so that you are the powerful one here.  Take your life in your hands.  If there is a problem, well things don’t just go away because you are ignoring them….many times they do get worse because of the lack of attention you have given it.  And if its a person, well don’t let your chance pass you by.  We all have things that are unfinished as well.  It is time to finish them, or release them completely. This little guy likes to feed your imagination about things.  He feeds it more and more so that you can become paralyzed with fear.  He will take our worries and give life to them, causing more fear and self-doubt.  It is time to look at the truth behind our fears.  What is real and what is our imagination?  Maybe we are in a bad loop in our life, different people but same place.  When we delve into our self, our old patterns and thoughts, it can shed a lot of light on our current situation.  Doing this can help us have a happier life, but not repeating our mistakes.  You can either play into G. Hobyah’s hand, letting him create an illusion OR you can take your life into your hands  and have a liberated life.

One thing I tell my clients is that yes some things are destined to happen, many things that happen to us is energy coming back that we set out but all in all it is about choices.  When you don’t think you are making a choice, you actually did.  Your life is full of choices, which one will you make??  Will you keep feeding G. Hobyah or face all your fears?

Have a blessed day!

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 25, 2015.

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