On days like today, I miss you.

I hear the rain and the rolling thunder, but echos

to music softly playing in the background, yes I am fine

that he is near me now.

your touch, your lips, the softness of your hair against my body

I hear the strong thunder rolling, and it takes me to that place

The place where there are no walls, a place of true bareness like

that I have never known.  Allowing myself to become one with another.

Where did you go?  My lover of a hundred years, where did you go?

You awakened so many things in me.  You introduced ME to myself.

Even now when I hear your voice, parts of me melt..I am taken back

to the return of my own innocence.

You made me laugh like no other, teasing me with lust, love, passion,

your fingertips and the complete surrender of my soul.  Dancing with me in the rain,

I have never felt so alive.

Candle light and incense, I know magic is in the air and then you call me to Nirvana.

You called upon my Goddess and met her with your God.

I have never felt so powerful, but yet so weak.

O if you could be ONE how splendid that would be…..

the thunder rolls.

Stacy Hill 2015 ©

~ by TerraRubrae on June 23, 2015.

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