Gemini New Moon Reading 6/16/2015


Happy Gemini New Moon every one.  Communication is key!  Astrologically, it will move into Cancer around 6:51am pst.  Seasoned with a little bit of Mars energy, remember words can be as sharp as swords.  I know this passed Mercury retro kick many booties this time.  Just as we think we are going to have some relieve, here comes Neptune going retrograde from June 12 through November 18 2015.  This will be a good time to do some inner work.  Get the issues worked out because if you don’t as soon as Neptune turns direct, they will haunt you.  This is also a good time to really protecting yourself from energy suckers at this time, as they will drain you more at this time.  Black tourmaline is really good to wear to ward off negative energy and psychic attacks.  Neptune is the dreaminess of the deep ocean of emotions, so stay aware of illusions, because they can be elusive.

This reading is a bit intense, as I can see the aftermath of Mercury retro in affect.  Our first card is where we are, and it is TRANSFORMATION/UKENOCHI (death card).  Ukenochi is the Japanese food goddess that used her life to feed her people.  She shows us how life is transformed to life again renewed.  Obviously, this card is all about transformation.  It tells us that some times we need to just let something die in order to create something new.  Have you ever heard they saying “your beating a dead horse”, well here Ukenochi is advising you to stop wasting your time on things that are just simply not you anymore.  Understand that after dead there is life again, renewed and vibrant.  So, maybe your right in the middle of this right now.  Are you in a job that you are just over? It is definitely time to change.  Let go of that which causes you pain.  The feeling here is that if you do not release, you will be forced to do so.  Change is not always easy, and we may be unhappy but comfortable.  That is not good at all, it causes stagnation in all areas of your life. So, release it and know that it is only opening the door to better opportunities.  Our second card is that which we DO NOT see and it is the 5 of CUPS.  Cups represent water, which represent emotions.  Here we have 3 cups over turned while 2 remain.  This can be disappointment, maybe something not going like you had hoped it to go.  Here we have to ask our self “where is our focus?”?  When you are focusing on that which you do not have, you over look all that you do have.  Stop concentrating on the problems, and find a solution.  This can be a little self pity party too, but come out of it.  It’s time to move on.  I keeping feeling focus here.  I feel that if we are to just focus, we will be able to see all that is hidden from us.  Perception.  Maybe you have a relationship that just ended or is in the middle of ending, not all is lost.  This may not have been the best one for you.  It’s time to pick yourself up, focus on what you want and move in that direction.  Our third card is what we DO know and it is the 2 of SWORDS.  Balance is felt here, as well as a truce.  Also, we have to consider what we are giving out and what we are taking.  Are they balanced?  This can also be about having to make a choice, not seeing with clarity, but having to use your intuition to guide you.  Do not drain yourself, make sure you are taking care of yourself as well.  This can mean relationships going into a more balanced, harmonic time.  If you have outstanding issues they will need to be discussed. The feeling of there is a truce, but there is much to be worked out…listen to your intuition.  Our fourth card is the advice and it is 5 of SWORDS.  Here I am feeling mixed feelings about situations.  This can mean conflict as well.  What I am feeling here is that you really need to choose your battles.  Some times it is OK to walk away.  Also, winning at some one else’s expense is not worth it.  Dont let this energy of conflict over take you.  Protecting yourself is one thing, but don’t put yourself in a position where you have to.  The outcome is PRINCESS of STAVES (wands in reg tarot).  This suit represents fire and is influenced with Freyja.  Freyja inspires us to live life passionately with out compromise.  Living from your heart is the out come here, as well as intense energy.  So it seems this reading is encouraging us to live from our hearts, listen to our intuition and keep focused.  This is how we find our happiness…through balance.

The card on the bottom of the deck is the PRINCE of SWORDS.  This touches on our physical, emoitonal and spiritual energies being at their peak.  So be careful with emotions, words can be swords and cut as well.  He urges us to go after our hearts desires.  Another card that urges us to focus..and even be still as to have true clarity!

I hope you have enjoyed this Gemini New Moon reading and are preparing as she proceeds into Cancer this evening.  Have an awesome day!

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 16, 2015.

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