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Good Thor’s day!  Yep, I just love saying it.  I think I look forward to Thursdays so I can say Thor! Anyways, as Mercury heads out of retro and Neptune heads into retro on the 13th, I believe there are a lot of folks that have had the veil pulled from their eyes…maybe some truths made themselves clear.  Today’s Fae that is joining us is The LAUME.  Her energy is that of unconditional giving and receiving.  She looks peaceful but watchful, a bit passive but her wings look worn and a bit tattered.  It looks as though she has given until it hurts and she tells us that yes sometimes we do have to…”Not as a habit, not as a sort of martyrdom, but only on the rare occasions when it is truly needed.” Some times we give a lot, but other times we are doing the small things.  Giving doesn’t have to be big, it can be doing dishes, saying a kind word, a hug or maybe a smile.  Laume tells us that we should always give without expecting to receive back…no expectations.  She is a charitable soul and advises us that if we give with no expectations, we will get it back in return just when we lease expect it.

Are you feeling bloated, sluggish, depleted, limp, needy or are your guts stopped up?  Her energy is telling you that it is time for you to give back.  This is caused by stagnant energy, or a build up of energy.  It is best to release that energy to allow your bodies energy to flow better.  Also, if you have been pushing for something, it might be best to back off and let things bloom…let the energy flow.  Again, if you are wanting instant gratification, that may not happen.  It is always best to let things bloom and grow on their own.

Try random acts of kindness, go and volunteer, help those that could really use it!  Giving flowers is always a great idea, especially to those that work in fields where they are constantly giving of themselves…especially those that are really in need.  Look at our elderly, many have no families to check in on them or to help them do the things we take for granted.  Feed the hungry, give some one a hug that truly needs it.  We become so self absorbed in all that we have going on within or lives that we forget that there are those very less fortunate that we are.  Be a blessing to some one today.  Let Laume work through your hands.

Have an awesome day!

Many blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 11, 2015.

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