Daily Terra Reading


Good morning..happy hump day!  Good news…Mercury is going out of retrograde tomorrow.  Today the Fae that is speaking to us is the GUARDIAN at the GATE.   This fae energy is one of passages to a new life, openings and gatekeeping.  The book states that the principle task of the Guardian at the Gate is to facilitate the passage from one realm to another and to block the passage of that which is not ready to pass.  This can also be considered as levels of reality or states.  The realms can be Earth, Faery, the cosmos of the singers or Unity.  These guardians appear when we are about to step through a metaphorical or physical gateway.   This Fae speaks to us of rites of passage.  You can not proceed through a certain gate until you have the right training or experience to do so.  When some one is helping you go through a part of your life, they are tuning into this Faery to help you be able to step forward on a new path….or even a healing.   Because a healing does set you on a new course.

Here we must understand that we must pay our dues (so to speak) in order to walk through the next phase.  You have to be mentally, physically, emotionally and financially prepared to walk upon a new path.  How can you honestly and completely honor something you are not ready to receive? You cant expect to start college in one day and graduate the next.  There are steps at obtaining things that we want.  Many want instant gratification, and this is where they mess up.  They want it NOW….but then after some time it falls apart.  Why?  Because they were not prepared for what all IT brought to them.

This Fae is holding a gate open for you….are you ready to enter?  Only you can make the decision to walk through it…are you ready for this new path and for the bounty it will bring to you.  The gate is open, the winds of change are blowing.  At first this path is narrow, but expect it to expand.  Leaving behind the old, to embrace the new…scary but exciting!  This could be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental…or even a journey of the spirit.  Pay attention, something really important is happening here…be aware, be mindful.  In this new phase, there is no turning back.  Or maybe, you are to help some one begin their new path.  Are you stepping in to be some one’s gatekeeper?  Are you helping some one begin a new phase?  Remember, you are simply to open the gate, not push them through it.

This is some exciting and intense energy here.  Change, change is happening.  I feel for many this is big and very very exciting…like something that has been brewing for some time.  Keep in mind that this will change us, as does all change.  We know more, understand more, feel more.  Enjoy this.  Dont let fear stop you, just put one foot in front of the other.

Have an awesome day.

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 10, 2015.

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