Daily Terra Reading


Happy Moon Day every one!  I hope you had an awesome weekend.  I know it was a bit chaotic (that may have been too light of a word) for many of you, but here is a new week and what an wonderful card to have for today.  The faery that is offering up their wisdom for us today is LYS of the SHADOWS.  Many cringe at the thought of darkness, but it is here in the dark that we heal.  This little fae works hard, for her energy is of healing in the shadows, addictions, bondage and self esteem.  she is the patron faery of social workers, therapist, healers and all others that try to help addicts those souls caught in the darkness of their own inner shadow, including those that were abused by these people.  She is in the hearts of those to help those who are trying to help those souls that need that healing.  Lys of the Shadows will go out there in the deep darkness looking for these lost souls, bringing light to them. She is the one that whispers encouragement into the ears of the darken hearts.

It is her energy that inspires us to connect soul to soul.  We are all in this web of life, all connected to each other.  As one suffers, we all suffer.  We are to help our fellow brother/sister, but at the same time protecting our self.  Lys can teach us about tough love as well.  We must know when to walk away, and let them see the light on their own.  Lys of the Shadows likes to work through others hands and will call upon those in the healing fields.  Her energy is down to earth and practical, urging us to be the same.  She reminds us of the importance of self esteem.  She is the inspiration of someone learning to walk again, some one throwing their addiction away, some one beginning to heal from past abuse.  As she is the faery to call upon to assist others/self in healing.

My feelings here are of remembering how we are all connected to the web of life.  Whether you are an ant, elephant, shark, whale, bird or human.  We are here upon this beautiful Mother Earth existing all together, sharing this same space and time.  Would it not behoove us to really think in broader aspects rather than just the self.  We have many people suffering, a bunch of people complaining about it…but what is really being done….what are you doing to aid them?  We need to help others, but not enable them therefore creating a co-dependent relationship.  Tough love is needed at times.  We have to understand that people will heal when they are ready.  Be a light in some one’s life…even if it is just for today,

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on June 8, 2015.

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