Weekend Terra Reading


Happy weekend!!  Wow what a week…when does this energy calm down??  Many are experiencing so many types of things going on, there is no wonder that today’s card is BALANCE, YEMANA.  We’ve had her before in a reading and yep you guessed it….its all about BALANCE!  Yemana provides the rain to water crops, she brings forth life.  She is the divine balance between heaven and Earth.  In regular tarot, she is Temperance.  This balance she is speaking of is in all areas of your life.  Is she advising you to balance your work and play?  Spiritual with regular mundane stuff?  In order to live happy, healthy lives we must live in balance from the inside out.  This is a good time of going inward to see just what will bring balance into your life.  It is good to remember that peace comes from within you.  This is also the energy of having a deep sense of harmonic union.  Find balance and peace within yourself today, seek lonely after things that bring more of this nurturing energy into your life.  Sunday, we have the QUEEN of SWORDS.  This queen makes no bones about going after what she wants.  She is listening to her intuition, cutting through all that is veiling her sight and going full speed ahead.  She is honest, many time brutally.  She is the cold hard truth.  I refer to her as a shit-stirer.  Meaning, she is not afraid to be honest and direct which might upset a few folks.  Remember, even though many ask for the truth, they are unwilling to see it.  This queen thus acts as a mirror for some.  Is she mirroring back some truths of yourself you haven’t be willing to look at?  It’s good to remember that at times those things that most annoy us, are there to help us work through those things that are holding us back.  Let this queen teach you to listen to you intuition, go after what you want but always see with complete clarity.  The overall energy of the reading is the KING of PENTACLES.  This king, sitting upon the rich earth, is stable, trust worthy and successful.  He reminds us of tradition and the certain ways of doing things.  This energy is the energy to create wealth.  In creating wealth in our lives, it is important for us to stay focused.  Are you feeling unfulfilled?  Ask yourself are you doing the things that comfort your soul.  We can get so carried away…distracted..by focusing on our financial stability, we can forget to do the things that feed our souls.  He speaks of ultimate grounded security.  His energy is the energy many strive for:  wealthy, grounded, intelligent, good person with great integrity.  Since he is outcome energy, this is what we will be obtaining when we bring harmonic balance within our lives, helping us put our ultimate well being into focus…feeding our mind, body and soul.  The card on the bottom, holding the energy of the reading, is FERTILITY ESTSANATLEHI.  This Goddess speaks for herself.  The soil is fertile and ready to expand.  Whatever you plant will grow…..but YOU have to nurture it, water it and feed it good nutritious food!

Have an awesome weekend.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on June 6, 2015.

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