Daily Terra Reading


Good morning and happy hump day!  The Faerie that is blessing us today, one that many need to spend time with, is Arval Parrot.  This interesting little fae has a very important message and if you will look at the card you will see.  Yes, he is pointing to his throat, base of the throat is the throat chakra and that is communication!  Arval tells us “It takes two to say ‘yes’ but only one to say ‘no’.  Where the stream is shallowest, greatest is the noise.  He that always complains is never pitied.  Better than gold is a tale rightly told.  “Tis easier to give advice than to take it.  From the place where deer are not, they’re not easy to be got.  Whoever burns his bottom must himself sit on it.”

Fae are excellent communicators, it may not always be in words though.  The rustling of leaves,  fluttering of flowers and even in the clouds, they seem to send us messages even though we are not aware.  Arval advises us that communication, good communication is at times hard and requires elbow grease because the elbows are the secondary energy centers to the throat.  Having a clear and open throat chakra is key to our communications.  Today, concentrate on clear communication.  Ask the questions you need to ask, say the things you have longed to say, be honest and direct as to have clarity on both sides.  Say what you mean, mean what you say!  It is important to realize that communication just doesn’t come from our throat.  Body language is a big communication method as well.  As you are speaking with some one, watch their body language….it may tell you more than their words are saying.  Listening is heightened here as well.  Being a good listener helps you to be a great communicator.  Be articulate, use verbal brilliance, be open and be willing to debate calmly.  What are you saying to the world?  What is your body language saying?  Be aware of your communication and be an excellent listener, never know what you may find out.

Have an awesome day!

Many blessings

Stacy Hill )09

~ by TerraRubrae on June 3, 2015.

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