Weekend Terra Report 5/29/2015


Happy weekend!  I guess every one is feeling that intense energy our planets are giving us.  Mercury is still in retro, putting us in that re-do phase.  We are having a big planetary alignment, one being Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, then going into Leo together, which is really good energy.  Mercury will still cause some communication issues so please keep that in mind.

This weekend’s reading is still showing that Mercury influence.  Friday we have the TOWER.  This is about rebuilding after something has been torn down.  Many times things fall apart, or break down, because the foundation is not secure…strong.  You must make your foundations strong, build on rock not on sand.  The reflection here maybe that we have began looking deep within ourself, and wanting to fix things that are not working for us.  Letting go of things normally doesn’t come easily for many people….but it must be done.  I seen a fb pic that stated “You can’t keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell”.  You maybe having things just popping up that you didn’t realize was there, deal with it and smooth it over.  Here I am also hearing about a reorganization in your life.  Is this happening to you?  Are you feeling like it’s not working, things need to be more organized??  Maybe you need to get back to YOU…rebuilding your diet, exercise habits etc.  We need to rebuild our personal lives so they are more peaceful, have more love in your life, make yourself more secure and strong.  Take a step back from the business of life and just be with you.  When you are with you, meditating and being Zen-ful, you can really see what feeds you and drains you.  As you begin your “rebuilding”, the WHEEL OF FORTUNE visits us on Saturday.  This is a picture of the Roundhouse Savannah Railroad built in 1853.  This is about options…you have many!  This card brings an up swing in energy.  It will advise you to be attentive, there could be an awesome opportunity  offered to you.  This is good energy, when this card comes up we are offered good luck.  This is also about destiny…fortune…even blind fortune.  We must remember that there are things in life that just happen.  When we work consciously with the Tower, bettering our self, the Wheel tells us this is where obstacles are overcome by good fortune.  We listen to ourselves and we get rid of what is no longer needed to make room for better.  This reading is saying just that.  The secret with working with the Wheel is to listen to you intuition.  Care enough about yourself to learn to take care of you!  From this, we go into JUDGMENT.  You know change happens, you can either go with it or be drug by it.  This card can be urging you that it is time to make decisions and stick to them.  The time of wishy-washy is over…make them.  Also with the Wheel behind us, we are seeing that judgement will be made.  This is neither good or bad, it is simply about the path you have chosen to take.  Taking an active part in our lives, can help us to get or be on the path that best suits us.  Many times we think that we don’t have choices, but we do.  This goes with legal issues as well.  Handle these so they don’t get out of hand.  What is the greater good for all?  I am feeling for many, this is a new beginning for many..your doubts resolved, questions answered and just things changing for the better.  This could be a radical but positive change as well.  Judgment gives us a promise that if we just hold tight, keep your faith and keep striving forward that it will give you great rewards.  With the Tower in the beginning and Judgment at the end, I am seeing a definite new beginning for many.  We rebuild to have a stronger, more secure foundation that creates an upswing of good fortune to help us begin a new path that will better serve us.  We all have to do our own work.  And we will keep having problems over and over again until we DO something to make the changes in our lives.  If you want better, then choose better.  Use you intuition, your gut!  You and only you can say what is good or bad for you.  Take control over your life and make things happen.  Stop complaining, crying and asking why me….put your life in your hands and manifest the life you want!  Life is waiting for you….

I hope you have enjoyed this reading.  Have a safe and awesome weekend.

Many blessings

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by SironaRose on May 28, 2015.

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