Daily Terra Reading


Happy hump day!  I hope every one is having a great morning.  I am packing this morning, getting things together to go spend a long weekend with my spiritual family, the card I pulled does NOT surprise me.   When you begin to work with Earth’s energy, you begin to really resonate with  her…things begin to sync, fall into your lap, appear when needed, even if you’re unwilling to see it at that present time.  Tapping into her energy can be a bit much for many, so proceed with caution, the benefits are truly beautiful.

Today’s card is HIMSELF.  His energy is of natural law, life force, magic and Shamanic power.  Himself is the Sidhe guardian of both the hunter and hunted, as he truly understands the balances of nature…the living bond between all life.  Quoting the book “Himself is the breath that moves, the atom that dances, and his magic is in pure being–living, loving…he has the magic of procreation, of dancing the spark of life into being.”  His presence brings magic…he dances as the Bright Mother gives us birth.  As he also does the great dance of life and death, dancing to open the gate between the world for the dead may pass.   He is the wild yang energy that is channeled through us, as his family is all of us.

He represents great powerful energy, every thing he touches becomes more.  He is the preserver of the natural world.  Here, we feel the powerful energy that Beltaine/May day has brought to us in manifest.  This is touching on our responsibilities to our own families especially our parental one.  He is leadership, protector and holds utmost integrity, he is wild energy and the ability to channel it for the good of all.  Remember natural balance.   His crown, third eye and heart chakra are illuminated…he is connected, intuitive and awakened in his heart.  I cant emphasize enough on the great energy that he brings to us, he is life force energy itself.  Himself represents ultimate Shamanic power, and strong erotic sexual energy, passion, creation…..and yes Spiritual healing!  He is here to remind us of how healing sexual energy is, IT is life force energy!!

I could really spend a lot of time with this card.  I am really connecting to this deck and just love its energy.  I hope this card has helped you out, as it is saying you have the energy to accomplish all that you want.  You must remember there has to be a balance in life as well.  Take care of your responsibilities and action, action, action!

Have an awesome day and truly enjoy this energy.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on May 27, 2015.

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