Terra Report for the week of 5/25-5/29/2015


Good morning and happy Memorial Day!  I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get out and play.  The weather here in South GA was absolutely beautiful, cool nights and warm days.  This weeks energy seems to be a bit intense as we are gearing up for the planetary alignment happening next weekend.  Today’s reading I am using the Savannah Deck, a cartomancy deck,  created by my talented and awesomely creative friend Tami Sabo.

Today we start out with the TOWER.  For me, this card is going right along with Mercury being in retrograde.  This is rebuilding, reflection, regain balance and heal.  Also, this touches on our foundations.  Some times we have to let what we have go/be destroyed, in order rebuild it stronger and better.  For what ever you are building, it must have a strong foundation well balanced and grounded.  As we must remember, with rebuilding..re-doing anything, there had to be an ending of some sort.  This could be a relationship, personal loss or some disastrous change that happened in your life.  This could also be advising you to get all the information that something is incomplete.  This has the energy of “using magick, without it’s true understanding and purpose, playing with powers beyond your understand can and will harm you!”.  In a spiritual sense, this can mean beginning a path by yourself, others will be left behind.  Our next card is JUSTICE.  Here we have the famous “Bird Girl” statue.  A balance is coming, justice will be served.  She is weighing all the variables.  This could mean learning to be responsible for yourself or even having to deal with courts.  This is feeling more of divine justice…impartial and fair.  May you are in a situation where you are having to weigh the many things going on in your life.  You are having to be judge and jury, seeing the many sides and then deciding where to go….from a fair and just position.  Learning to look outward into the world, then look inward within yourself…without bias…seeing what is precisely there instead of what YOU want to see.  That is the energy here.  Take your judgement out, that you want to see,  and see the clarity of what is really there. After justice, we have the STAR.  This picture is of the fountain in Forsyth Park.  It is enclosed by a gate, but it does have a door…if you dare to enter!  Once inside you will be washed in the clear waters.  Here, you are gifted a glimpse into your true self.  What are you dreams and goals?  Let the magic of the STAR help you see your inner magick.  Through the Tower we are shown what happens when we use power carelessly, here we are shown the magick that can happen when we gain the wisdom to use that power.  This energy is that of the teacher and student as one.  This is spiritual enlightenment, destiny, happiness and satisfaction. Understanding what your goals should be and what you will leave behind for those that are coming behind you.  The fourth card is the one that holds the energy of the reading and it is TEMPERANCE.  This is all about legacy here!  A symbol of strength, the magick of this card is urging you to use all the lessons you have learn in order to move forward.  Whenever you see water in the cards, this symbolizes emotions, so things could be a little emotional.  Major lesson here is patience.  Allowing things to time to bloom in their own time…not pushing or forcing, just the natural flow.  We have to realize that control is just an illusion that can lead us down a false path.  Learn moderation in all things….balance!  If you will allow the veil of illusion to be removed from your eyes and surrender yourself to the flow of Mother…..magick will happen!

I hope you enjoyed the reading and it helps you out throughout the week.  I will still be pulling a card a day from different decks to see what energy is being high lighted that day!  Have a lovely week and allow magick to come into your life!  If you would like a more personal reading or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill


~ by TerraRubrae on May 25, 2015.

2 Responses to “Terra Report for the week of 5/25-5/29/2015”

  1. Your readings resonate, feel so true to me, and I’m grateful! Namaste!

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