Weekend Terra Report


Good morning and happy Freyja’s day!!  It is the weekend!!!  Boy, after this week, I am sure many of you need a rest….I know I do!  As the cards are showing us, looks like more things a’happenin!

We are going to start out today with RHIANNON/MOVEMENT.  Rhiannon is a horse Goddess and rides an unearthly white horse.  She represents the unceasing force of movement.  Through this past weeks readings, it seems life has been thrusting us forward…..whether we want to or not.  This is the next step toward a new start in our life.  Maybe even transitions are happening right now.  Don’t be impatient here, as you must let things flow naturally. This can mean career advancement, maybe even starting college for many.  This points to a new phase in your life.  Moving on with your life with confidence and assurance.  The time is here and now.  For Saturday, we have KUAN YIN.  Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved Goddesses in China.  She is the mother of compassion, as she vowed to never leave the Earth until the last human was free from pain.  This is the energy of sacrificing self for the betterment of others.  Here I am feeling more of sacrificing something we may love and cherish, in order to stay in our new phase of life.  To go forward, we may need to leave people, places, things and maybe something close to your heart behind.  As we change, grow and expand, all to often we can’t take the past with us.  We are existing in a new type of energy, where the old will not mix with the new.  Maybe that “something” is holding you back as well.  Many times we don’t see it, but things and people can hold us back from being able to be that which our heart sings for.  Sacrificing one thing in order to gain much wisdom…..living from your heart.  Don’t put out your light just to please others you may care about.  Life is meant to be LIVED…..just don’t exist.  As Sunday rolls around we find ourselves getting a visit from the QUEEN OF PENTACLES.  Now, as you may remember, pentacles are about the material, physical and is the Earth element.  The Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of fortune and prosperity) rules over this suit.  Her energy is that of the Earth Mother, she embodies all.  This is fertility, possible parenthood, harmony and beauty.  As you read through this reading, this is saying that as you follow this path it will lead to you the ultimate happiness.  This card can point to beautifying the home as well.  What I am feeling here is that through this transition/changes we have been going through, we have come to realize that not everything or every one can go with us on this path.  This may be painful, but the sacrifice must be made in order for us to move forward to find that happiness we are longing for in our hearts.  Know that true prosperity is waiting for you, all you have to do is flow with it!

I picked up the Lenormand deck and a card flew out, it is the CLOVER.  Clover is luck and happiness, we have another good fortune card and it is the overall energy of the reading.  This card makes things better, smooths things over.  Clover creates opportunities from difficulties.  This indicates that a nice surprise is on it’s way to you.

Have a great weekend!!  I hope you enjoyed this reading.  Just contact me if you would like a more personal reading.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by SironaRose on May 22, 2015.

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  1. Definitely fits

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