Daily Terra Reading


Good morning…and my favorite…HAPPY THORSDAY!!  I just love me some Thor.  There are a few Gods that I really enjoy;  Dionysus/Bacchus, Pan and I even have a fondness for Loki.  When reading of them, they bring such a familiar warmth to my heart, if you will.  Today’s card is just about that.  FLOWERS represent beauty and happiness. They are the gift that warms the heart.  Flowers have been codes for lovers as a way to express love, passion and appreciation.  They are a valuable gift, as they are offering up some one heart felt messages to you.  And what more lovely gift to give.  Here, we have recovery and wellness, things turning good.  So, if you have been going through a rough time, this card is saying that things will change to the positive…they will get better.  This card brings in that energy of wellness, happiness, appreciation and love.

Flowers are normally gifts, and gifts are what they bring.  They can be bring invitations to parties, being asked out on a date, new friendships/relationships, any gift that will be good for you.  Expect gifts today, even if it is just the gift of seeing all this beauty Mother Earth has to offer.  Or maybe it is YOU that would like to gift some one?? Remember that gifts come in many fashions.  As some one to “gift” you their time to spend with you.  Learning to appreciate others and all that they do, will help us be happier by seeing just how generous some can be.  Even a smile on a rough day is a gift.  Don’t be attached to the way you think things should be.  Be open and enjoy…enjoy the gift of being able to experience all the different diversities in this world.

I wish you all a glorious day filled with all the goodies you want!

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on May 21, 2015.

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