Why the Attack on Mother?

filipina1Women have been known as healer, nurturers the heart of the home, why have they been put in such a dark place is unsure.  Doing my research, I found a few reasons why.  Midwives as well as witches (at times one in the same) were known as the village healers, in many cases.  They helped women during childbirth by easing pain and delivery.  They’ve healed and cured many illnesses for many people and animals, including the “important” people.  Look at the case of Allison Peirsoun of Byrehill.  The ailing bishop of St. Andrews called upon her and she successfully cured him, saving his life if you will.  He then refused to pay her and had her arrested for witchcraft and burned at the stake.  In the 1500s if a physician could not find the nature of a disease it was automatically bewitchment.  The Orthodox Christians even went as far as believing the actual act of giving birth defiled both mother and child.  And this is where the real demonizing of midwifery came into play.  They felt that the nasty business of giving birth must be left in the hands of women.  The midwife would offer herbs, and later chloroform,  to relieve the pain of childbirth, which the church felt was witchcraft.  They held strong to the statement in Genesis where “god” said that woman shall be in sorrow while bringing forth children and he husband shall rule over her.   Quoting a New England minister:  “Chloroform is a decay of Satan, apparently offering itself to bless women; but in the end it will harden society and rob God of the deep earnest cries which arise in time of trouble, for help”  Even Martin Luther wrote “If [women] become tired or even die, that does not matter.  Let them die in childbirth–that is why they are there”.  Was the woman’s body too God-like that it merely scared the crap out of the weak?


 And let us not forget Hypatia.  She was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in Egypt and the head of the Neoplatonic school at Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy.  This intelligent woman was murdered by a mob of Christian Nitrian monks.  They demeaned her thoughts to be Pagan, and her friendship with Orestes, put her at the focal point of Christians.  Thomas Little Heath writes, ” … by her eloquence and authority … attained such influence that Christianity considered itself threatened …”  Another quote is from James Lovelock, who formally introduced Gaia hypotheses is 1972:  “We are children of Judeo-Christian, Muslin, Neo-Darwinist, or some other kind of religion.  These religions are absurdities in that not only are they muddled, but they are dangerous to our relationship to the Earth  and our nonhuman planet-mates.  The cultural background in which we have been brought up precludes our learning about the Earth as a whole planet.”  Most will say that the Gaia theory is just a romantic metaphor. Is that truly an absurd thought?  Can we not look at the Earth as our Mother, the nurturer and healer.  Is it crazy to think that what we do to her we do to ourselves?  Why has women been under attack for doing just that?  Is it wrong to use the gifts Mother Earth offers us to heal and feed us.    Francesca Fremantle interpreted the Dzogchen teachings with this quote of hers;  “Although enlightenment does truly dwell within us, it has to appear to come to us from outside because of our attachment to ego.  Ego cannot penetrate its own illusion, cannot dissolve itself”  Could the ego be to blame?  Why is it that women have been put in such a subservient role?  But why such the attack?  Maybe this is why were are in such a situation that we are in..an imbalance.

 The woman’s body is still beyond true understand in science, but if we look to nature I feel all can be explained. I feel the unexplained, miraculous doings of a woman’s body strikes fear in many hearts.  Is it the feeling of being inferior to women that brought about the hate?  It is truly a shame the feelings that some religions and people have against women.  Instead of division, better than complex, what if we truly honored each other…each other’s roles and places in the world?  Biting the hand that feeds you will lead to starvation and maybe that is what is going on in this world right now.  A bunch of little brats, wanting to be right about every thing when honestly and truly all they need is to be shown what compassion is…true love and nurturing!

Many Blessings,

Stacy )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on May 19, 2015.

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