Taurus New Moon Reading


Taurus New Moon Reading

Early this morning the Moon entered in to Taurus, which is a great place for it.  This does speak of grounding emotions.   This adds to us figuring out what is best for us.  This energy is one of ME time, one of self healing.  Look at your imbalances in your life, examining them.

Our first card, where we are, is SARASVATI, which is WISDOM.  Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of wisdom.  This card is equivalent to the HIGH PRIESTESS card in the regular tarot deck.  Here we have the true wisdom, one that is required with experience and time.  Many maybe questioning or reexamining their spirituality, this is a time of obtaining that knowledge.  A time of great understanding, obtaining true deep wisdom.  Also, this could be a time that a teacher will present them self to you as well.  As we come from the last reading, many of us have an circumstance which may have pushed us to this place.  Many have had to do 180s from the place they thought they were heading.  She is saying you are on the right path, you will find your truth.  What is not seen is CHANG O, CONTEMPLATION.  Chang O is the Chinese Moon Goddess.  She is the equivalent of the HERMIT card.  Here we the emotional energy of the Moon drawing us inward.  Chang O is reminding us that in order for us to find our true answers, we must look within.  A time of withdrawing for self growth.  There are times that we may feel confused or lost.  Maybe we are feeling an emptiness??  We must remember that yes there are times that a teacher is needed, but we must remember that the true guru is within us.  This will help us as we have been dealing with all the crazy energy going on.  What we are seeing is NYAI LORO KIDUL, TEMPTATION.  Nyai Loro Kidul is the Pacific Ocean Mermaid Goddess.  She is the equivalent of the Devil card.  She represents the illusions that maybe enslaving us.  We know that we must examine our life to see what we are attached to and if we need to cut those cords.  Many may know that there are things that you need to let go of, but you are just dragging your feet.  These are your addictions and desires.  True, she can also mean it may be time for you to go have some fun to give in to your desires for a bit.  But it is extremely important to cut away all that does not serve, drain us of our energy or the monkey on our backs.  Our advice is ACE of SWORDS.  As I have discussed in an earlier reading, ACES are about beginnings.  The cards are advising us that it is time to live your life wisely, standing in your own truth.  Clarity rules here.  Stand strong in, who you are.  Out outcome is the KING of STAVES (wands).  Here we have stability and inspiration.  Through working through this reading, we end on bringing our ideas to fruition.  This energy is full of passion, knowing what you want and going for it.  The card on the bottom of the deck 5 of STAVES.  This energy is one of conflict, most likely inner.  It can be telling us to pick our battles, some things just aren’t worth our energy.  This is about the EGO, making it real easy to loose sight on just what your fighting for.

I hope you have enjoyed this Taurus New Moon reading.  Want more of a personal reading to bring a bit more clarity to your situation?  Just contact me on fb, http://www.facebook.com/revstacy.

Many Blessings,

Stacy Hill )0(

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