Daily Terra Reading


Happy Thorsday!  There has been a lot of “stuff” happening on our planet lately.  It seems the pot of chaos has been stirred, which bring us to the card of the day.  Today revealed the card QUEEN OF SWORDS.  This card makes me think of the per-verbal “shit stirrer”.  She sits high upon her throne, stern faced, no one can or would even try to fool her.  She holds in her right hand the sword of truth.  This is the woman you would run to in time of counsel.  Ruling over intellect, she has the ability to bring clarity to all situations.  She is familiar with sorrow and mourning, yet still remains strong.  Though she does not yield you mercy, she will help you see the truths.  The Queen of Swords  sees not only the surface, but the undercurrent.  She has “been there, and done that”.

This wise queen is saying to us not to waiver.  Stand strong in YOU.  Maybe you will meet a woman that represents her or you could be urged to seek counsel from some one like her.  Also, you might want to be careful with some one like this queen, for she can be spiteful and can cause great harm and it can be a woman of authority.  So, if you have a female boss that doesn’t really care for you, tread light today.  Make sure you are looking into things today.  Dont just take things at face value.

With the Moon as yesterdays card and now this one, maybe many of you are coming into full conscious awareness over the situations you are in….or seeing where this situation is going.  Try not to be deceived today.  This energy tells you to face the truth, even if you may not like it.  Be direct today with all of your doings.  If there is confusion, get to the heart of the matter, this energy will help you “feel” the hidden.

In this deck, swords are represented by Egyptian Goddess Isis.  This guides us to use the force of the intellect to refocus our energy.  Swords also symbolize the magical ability to transform painful situations into our personal growth.  We have the ability to let our words help us or destroy us.

I hope you enjoyed this reading.  I would love to give you a reading to give you a more personal reading.  Just contact me on here or fb.  Have an awesome Thorsday!

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on May 14, 2015.

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