Daily Terra Reading


Good morning everyone!!  I hope you are all doing well on this “hump” day.  Our card of the day is DIANA ~ THE MOON.  Goddess Diana is one of my favorite Goddesses.  She is known as a “moon’ Goddess as well as the Goddess of the wild forests and animals.  She is known as a virgin Goddess, as she never married.  She remained free to hunt in the forest and be among the wild creatures of the wood.  Of course this card is about Divine Feminine energy and well as the support of feminine energy.  The Moon is about intuition and dreams.  Have you been getting those “gut” feelings?  This is saying pat attention.  Your 6th sense is heighten right now, so pay attention.  It is also a good time to pay attention to your dreams as well.  Many times we can get messages in our dreams, symbols and the such.  So, make a effort to write down your dreams, they could guide you to much wisdom.  Energy is intense here.  Things that were hidden, will be made visible.  This is a powerful time, a time when our psychic/intuitive abilities are coming out to guide us.  This energy stirs our animal nature as well, so you might feel a bit of wildness in yourself today…or notice it more.  All may not be as it seems, so yes again, use your intuition.  It may be rough right now and stressful, but just continue on things will work out…maybe better than you think!  Also, the moon is waning right now, so this feeling of something is hidden from you or there is something you are missing is spot on.  Hang on, all will be revealed.  Listen to your inner voice!

Pay attention, use your intuition, things that were hidden will slowly be brought to light, be at peace.

If you would like a more detailed reading, you can reach me here or on fb https://www.facebook.com/revstacyhill

Many Blessings to you all

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on May 13, 2015.

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