Daily Terra Reading


Good morning!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend.  No surprising that we should get the 2 of PENTACLES today.  This card is about juggling, and how many of us do this??  This is about juggling many things at one time and can also hint to balance as well.  The water in the back can signal that it is conflicting interests.  2 represents our need to balance, whether its family and friends, mental and physical, or our every day life and our spiritual life. Life is always changing, there are no real certainties, but we can bring harmony to all areas of our life.  Remain alert as you take on new challenges, keep your priorities in check.  Where do you spend your time and energy?  This card brings us down to earth, a grounding of sorts, reminding you to broaden your horizons.  This card can also signal changes coming, when you will have to remain focused as you are balancing many things going on around you.  Dont put all your eggs in one basket, keep other things going as well.  Stay centered and balance, but flexible and open to change.  This can be good or bad, best outcome is careful planning.  The outcome is dependent upon you and how well you handle your challenges.  Your fate is at your own hands!

Key words:  Change, Balance, be centered and grounded, fluctuation

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!  If you would like a more personal reading or even a yearly reading (can start at any month of the year), please contact me.  Also, you can check me out on FB as well.

Many Blessings

Stacy Hill )0(

~ by TerraRubrae on May 11, 2015.

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