Daily Terra Reading for weekend of 5/8 – 5/10/2015


Weekend Daily Terra Reading

Good morning everyone!  I hope this reading all finds you well and at peace.  The spread for this weekend is looking assuring as we go forward.  Today, Friday (Freyja’s Day) we have the 9 of SWORDS.  This card is about disappointment, exhaustion and even nightmares.  This is about our fears and those things we worry over.  This is the energy of issues that really need to be looked at.  This card seems to be the perfect energy for this past week we have had.  There is a lot of chaos going on, things looking like they are going to work out one way then to only is side swipped and they go another way…and THEN they might have went a different way than what we thought!  Whew!  So, like many, I am glad to see this week pass.  We are moving past this energy of stress/worry to the energy of Saturday (Saturn’s Day) which is BALANCE, YEMANA.  Yemana is the Santerian Goddess of the ocean.  She symbolizes Balance…Balance between heaven and earth…as above, so below.  Saturday we will have a clearer image of balance.  We will understand how balancing all areas of our life is important in our everyday lives.  We are integrating stuff in our life.  Maybe a combining of our spiritual and physical.  There has been a lot of change happening for many, this card is saying that it is all coming together.  Maybe you’ve felt like you were on a topsy turvy ride…here we are standing strong upon our two feet.  Regaining our balance to allow us to live in harmony, with all parts of our self..as above, so below.  Sunday (Son’s Day) is Mother’s day and the QUEEN OF CUPS is just a perfect day for this card.  She is the most loving of the archetype in the tarot.  She brings compassion, love, this is genuine concern for others.  She heralds beauty and intimacy and harmony.  Her heart and mind are one.  This is about being in touch with your inner being as well, feeling your connection to all things.  She also reminds us that we must also have compassion for ourselves and it is OK to nurture ourselves.  We can all get so busy taking care of others that we forget our self.  Here the Queen is advises us that as we are taking care of others, we must remember our self if we wish to continue helping others.  We must replenish our self as well.  So take time for YOU.  Take a hot bath, treat yourself to a wonderful delicious healthy meal, go do that wish nourishes you mind, body and soul.  Love your self!    The card on the bottom of the deck, carries the energy of the reading is the KING OF STAVES (wands).  He corresponds to the astrological sign of Sagittarius.  This card is a good omen card.  This is a good card that is saying you are on the right path.  This is a time that you might discover things about yourself you didnt know as well.  So just hang on, the overall energy of the weekend is a good one.  Remember to take care of YOU!

Many Blessings to you ALL

Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on May 8, 2015.

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