Goddess Diana


Goddess Diana, Queen of the Witches!

Is the whisper I heard in my ear this morning.  Seems as I am walking this magical path, I am truly not alone.  At many times I have received a Goddess in my dreams that will walk with me a bit, being the wise counsel.  Each Goddess brings me gifts that are completely priceless with new understandings and crystal clear clarity.  Many Goddesses have blessed me with the honor of their presence.  The challenges I am faced with, are met with this indescribable inner strength I feel pushing me forward.  Never really had the nurturing Mother holding my hand, spoon feeding me.  I get the ones that walk with me, but when I am pinned against a rock and a hard place, she steps back and says so reassuringly “Ah, you got this!”


I have always thought of  myself as Gaia’s daughter, the Earth my Mother.  I felt at home in the woods, running barefoot through the trails and playing in the streams.  Even now as an adult, you put me in the woods..especially by a stream, and you will see the little girl inside of me.  As you walk upon the ground, I feel a true connection, as if I never truly separate from her.  The birds sweetly singing a song just for you.  Lying on the ground and feeling Mother’s heart beat….heaven!!  So, having Goddess Diana come to me was really no surprise….a complete honor!


Goddess Diana, meaning heavenly and divine, is worshiped by the ancient Roman religion, Roman Neopaganism, Stregheria and Dianic Wicca.  She is the hunter goddess, the moon goddess and goddess of childbirth.  All wild animals and woodlands are associated with her.  The Oak groves being sacred to her.  Diana was a maiden goddesses that refused to marry.  Instead she wish to be free to run in the wild.  In Babylonia, and in the nation of Assyria, she was known as “ISHTAR” The Phoenicians called her “ASTARTE”. The Israelites knew her as “ASHTORETH”.  It was the Stregheria held her as the Queen of Witches, the wise women healers.  Diana, the goddess of the Latin commonwealth, ruled with Her brother Lucifer, a Latin word for “Light Bringer”.


It was from herself that Goddess Diana created the Earth, and all creation yet to come.  She is the eternal Mother.   She was so adored by her people, the Christians made her Mother Mary in order to convert people from Paganism.


She urges us to experience the freedom of being who we crave to be.  Run wild through the woods, swim in the streams, breathe the fresh air….remember your origins.  Connect with the Earth, know her plant allies, discover her animals and learn their language.  Run with free with her, let no one tell you how to tell you to live your life…..stand in your truth.

~ by TerraRubrae on May 7, 2015.

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  1. A truly beautiful tribute.

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