Feeling at Home


Does this sound like you?

From what I am seeing on social networks, this seems to be a common feeling for most people.  I all too well know what it feels like to feel….alone.  Alone in your thoughts, alone in your emotions…alone in side.  This bottomless pit of loneliness seems ever ending in the twists and turns of life lived through heart break and disappointment.  “you knew not to do that” “I just felt like they were bad for me, but I gave them a chance” “No one understands me and my thoughts/beliefs”

Honestly, I can say now that I really don’t feel that now.  I have this peace inside now.  I don’t feel like I am any better, just at a different place.  I am secure in my knowing, I know who I am, I am walking down a path I feel comfortable on…I feel good!  Sure, I may not know exactly where human existence came from, but I am here on Earth and I am comfortable with that.  I feel like I am gathering information in a remembering process.  I feel that I have spent many lives here, enjoying the diversity of each one…or even reliving that which is fond to my soul.  I feel that I we are spiritual beings having a human experience….and I feel that is the point.  We are here to experience life.  If our path isnt pleasing to us, change it…use what you have at this moment and do it.  I know one thing that got me was my attachments.  The biggest was an attachment to the out come of the way I think things should be.  Attachment to the perfect way I thought things should be.  Honestly, know one is going to love me they exactly way I think they should.  Of course, I should be happy and not abused, but what I am getting to here is our perception.  Do I think we should be ecstatically happy?  YES  but it’s not the person that is going to get you there.  Some one may love you with all their heart, the way they know how to.  This could go on and on.

We are all searching for inner peace.  One way to have that is letting go of the pre-concieved ideas that we may have.  You walk your path, and another walks theirs.  I will tell you a secret…a secret of all secrets…This inner peace we are all looking and searching hard for, well it comes from within.  Not saying crap doesnt happen, because it does and will.  But it’s about being OK with it.  Being at peace in the middle of chaos helps you get the whole picture.  I like this quote by Ajahn Chah,  “Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: you won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.”
We are spiritual beings having a human experience…and that’s what you are here to do EXPERIENCE!  That means all facets, not just the good ones.  There was a time not too long ago that I felt that no one ‘got me’ and that I was just ‘alone’ and ‘where’s home’.  Well home is within ME.  I AM HOME.   For those who know me, know for a fact that my life hasnt been easy….but I am living it.  I am responsible for who and what I allow in my life.  So, if you’re unhappy with those around you and if you are feeling the way I did, maybe its time to look in the mirror.  People are going to change when they are ready to, the same as you.  Arguing and fussing, whining and complaining will not fix this. This method will not change their minds, just brings you down to their level.   Understanding that we all have a path to walk, including those that do not agree with you.  You just have to decide who is in charge of you.

I am not saying that I am better than anyone, nor different.  I was just made to look into the mirror of self like many others on the spiritual walk.  I felt “no one got me” “no one understands me” “I am alone”.  What I was doing was giving my power away to those that I consider lost…AND becoming lost myself.  I looked at it as “if I am the master of my life and I have people that do not resonate with my feeling/thoughts….what is that saying about me??”  Maybe clarity of self is needed.  Do you understand yourself?  Do you “get” you?  And I am sure some will take offence to this post…but maybe they should.  I am not trying to be mean, I am trying to save you from a lot of headache.  There is so much chaos going on around us from our food to climate change, to wars…ugh all that is needing for endings of the old and beginnings of the new.  It would behoove us to be part of the solution instead of the problem.  People will go more on the way you walk instead of the words you talk.  Be that example for them.  Find home within you..find that tranquil peace.  Many have passion…I am very passionate..but people will do what they want until they know better and are willing to change.  Are you?  Maybe not.  We all have demons inside us to feed.  When you’re tired of beating your head against the wall you will stop.  I am not saying it’s going to be easy…just worth it.

Cut loose that which no longer serves you, so you will make room for that which does.

Walk in peace my friends!

~ by TerraRubrae on May 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Feeling at Home”

  1. I have such trouble with this, any tips?

    • When you’re feeling lost or just not at home it is a clear indicator that you are not on the right path for yourself. It’s when some deep soul searching is needed. “Home” is within you..its your security. Are you secure within you? Are there things you feel should change or not happy with that needs to change? Change isn’t easy but it will be worth it in the end.

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