Daily Terra Reading


Daily Terra Reading

Good morning!  I hope this all finds you in good health.  I do know many of you are going through some…challenging time to say the least.  Today we have the Ace of Swords notice how it is piercing through the stoned ground.  Aces’ are about new beginnings, of all sorts, and can be a new beginning from an ending.  Here we have understanding and wisdom, Swords represent air..intellect.  This card can be advising that before you speak, make sure you are using this energy so to get your point across clearly.  Also, may mean you need to gain order over situations. This card is also urging us that if we should go ahead and make a leap with your ideas.  If you’re having issues with something, this is saying that you should try new tactics.  With finances, now it not the time to spend freely, don’t take chances with money nor lend money as well.  Some may be beginning new relationships, make sure you see clearly.  Also, this is also the energy of putting an end to something that is bothering you in a relationship.  This is a time to stop bad habits..eat better and take care of yourself.  In a spiritual meaning, this card advises you to leave old belief systems behind.  Some times they can resonate through us unknowingly causing fear and doubt.  It is now time to cut all of that away.  When you commit to walking away from the old beliefs that you no longer truly believe in, you will be opened up to a new understanding.  New information will come to you that support your beliefs now.  It is OK to cut away that which is no longer needed…or wanted.  Having clarity is the key.  If you look at the picture, you can see the sword in the pierced in the ground.  This says to me that pure clarity will make itself known, in an undeniable way.

I hope this readings helps you

Many Blessings


~ by TerraRubrae on May 7, 2015.

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