Aries New Moon Energy Reading

Aries New Moon Energy Reading


Energy we are coming OUT of, QUEEN OF STAVES (wands):  This Queen, Fricka, and she is about power, talent and even cleverness.  The Staves (wands) represent fire/passion as well as action.  We know that the energy of love can move us to great change.  Here, wearing her red dress, she reminds us of that passion.  We are coming out of a time where we have followed our passion..talents,  mixed with our intelligence, we have (or in process) created action in our lives.  We felt what needed to be done, and so we did it. We heard the calling and we jumped into action.  And notice, her cloak is white, which represents purity.  I feel the energy of remaining true to yourself here.


Energy we are coming IN to JUDGMENT: Here we have Tannhauser and Elisabeth.  Tannhauser loved Elisabeth dearly, but he made the choice to leave her behind and go on his adventures.  Judgment is about choices, changes and passages.  So, you are given a choice or an option of a new passage…which do you choose??  Change is a constant, so there will always be choices to make, even if you’re choosing not still are choosing.  We have to use the knowledge that we have obtained, learned, in order for us to make the correct decision.  And honestly, they are all the correct decisions.  You can choose to stay where you are or move forward, either way is OK because this is your path to experience.  We are now coming to a new passage on our journey, are you going to take it?  Let the energy of the Queen of Staves help you here, make the choices that feed your heart and soul.


The outcome energy is ACE OF STAVES:  Another Stave!!  Aces are about beginnings, the represent energy, growth, creativity and of course action.  This is a masculine energy.  Here we are offered new opportunities, new growth.  This is a new period of growth.  Spring has sprung and a new you is emerging.  This is new beginnings of all sorts.  The time is now.


Card on the bottom of the deck is PRINCE OF ARROWS (swords):  Seeing through the veils!  Cutting through all the confusion to find clarity!!


This is what the Aries New Moon is..action.  As our Moon is waxing, she is growing into a new moon.  This outcome is perfect for the energy we are in now.  Sun sign Aries, New Moon Aries, as of today, the 19th she is in Taurus which will soothing.  With Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn, you will have clarity on that which you truly desire.  Pluto is about transformation and His energy is really intense, so that releasing you have been doing is helping you see clearly.  You are able to face you and come to peace with you.  Neptune in Aquarius can help us open our minds more.  While Mars being in Taurus will provide stability, grounding for you.


I hope this reading has helped you.

If you would like a more detailed, personal reading just message me and we can set that up!

Many blessings and much love to you ❤


~ by TerraRubrae on April 20, 2015.

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