Card Reading for today 2/24/2015



At 2:22 I was led to pull a reading and these cards flew out of the deck:

The first card is the STAR and this is Inanna! This card is telling you to follow your dreams, it’s good fortune, its creativity, its good success, it’s telling you to reach out there and go for your dreams. The second card is SACRIFICE and this is Kuan Yin, she tells us that sometimes there is a sacrifice that must be made for the higher good, sometimes the sacrifice isn’t bad… sacrifice is actually releasing the old to obtain that’s which is better, but isn’t that what we truly want?? Letting go of the old, so we can get that which is better for us. So, the sacrifice could be getting out of our own way so we can achieve that which what we want! have a great day
Much love and Many Blessings

~ by TerraRubrae on February 24, 2015.

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