Cartomancy Reading/New Moon Aquarius Feb 18, 2015

Here we have again another New Moon in Aquarius (this one is at the end as the other was at the beginning), then a few minutes later it will go into Pisces as we go into the sign of Pisces.
Here, it would behoove you to make some connections, connecting the dots..the beginning and then the end. You and only you can do this, and yes it may take some inner work here and it is the perfect time. If you are having trouble seeing exactly what is going on, please take this time to step back from the situation, detach for a moment so clarity can come to you.

Here is what the cards have to say about this Aquarius New Moon

First card is the MOON and this is saying that we have been listening to our intuition, allowing yourself to follow those gut instinct. Also, in the past cycle from new moon to new moon, you have seen some thing which might have been hidden or unknown to you at that time. You’re beginning to feel comfortable with listening to your intuition now, you may have seen some things come into fruition. I am feeling emotions here as well. I feel that emotions are deep, and you may have begin to have different feelings, ones you were not expecting. And maybe here you’re feeling/emotions are transmuted into a different direction or an understanding. This card could hint on religion as well, lighting your way to your true self.

Second we have the MOUNTAIN and I feel here that some of us aren’t really giving ourselves the credit that we should. We’ve traveled a long way, and overcame the obstacles. This is in the position of what is not seen. Here we have tough choices that had to be made in order to go forward. This is neither good or bad, this simply is. It also helps remind you that there are always ways around obstacles.

Third card is the KEY and this one is flowing along with the reading. This is about doors opening, things being revealed but also that which you have been looking for is right there. so through this journey, the MOUNTAIN has helped you find your inner strength and open yourself up to your passion/that which your heart desires. With the KEY afterwards, it is saying it has opened up now, your struggles have not been in vain.

Fourth card, advice, is the HEART. Here this is saying to keep following your heart. This mostly speaks of relationships, all kinds. I am feeling that the cards are advising to always seek harmonious relationship. As per the previous cards, all that you have went through is in fact helping manifest those relationships that are truly harmonious partnerships.

Fifth card, outcome, is the SNAKE. In the Lenormand deck, SNAKE tells us to be cautious, betrayal is close. Here I am feeling that its more of telling you not to go back to the old ways of doing things. Snakes, in general, mean knowledge. So here, the outcome could very well be saying that a new understanding, new knowledge has been obtained…new awareness even.

The DOG jumped out of the deck and he speaks of loyalty through thick and thin.
The card on the bottom of the deck is BIRDS and this is about communication. An important note here is that several voices are louder than one!

Summary: Through this clarity of following our gut feelings/our intuition, we have been able to climb the mountain/overcoming obstacles to have the key open up the doors for us, that may have been under our nose the whole while. Concentrate on relationships that are harmonious, manifest relationships that compliment you. Pay attention to negative talk, either from other or yourself, allow the new you to bring out hidden knowledge, Loyalty is very important as well as communication. You must communicate clearly and precisely that which you want, for if you dont you are the one to blame.

Hope you enjoyed this reading and if you would like a more in-depth reading, please contact me privately.

Many Blessings,

~ by TerraRubrae on February 20, 2015.

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