Winter Solstice and Capricorn New Moon Reading


Warmest welcome and happy Winter Solstice and Capricorn New Moon!

I am sure you all felt the moon slide into Capricorn…more like a nudge really.  The thing I like most about Capricorn is their strength.  Yes, they can be a bit hard headed, but this can also be an ally as well.  If many of you have been paying attention to astrology, you know several planets have come out of retro, one being Jupiter!  This is some major energy going on here, first is this moon is falling on the solstice AND  as Sun moves into Capricorn, within 2 hours the Moon moves into Capricorn and a mere 20 minutes later we have the New Moon. New beginnings are just beaming out of this!  Let us get on with our reading to see how this can compliment this energy.

In the situation, we have the Lilies.  Lilies are about peace, calmness and serenity.  Lilies bring us wisdom through experience.  There essence brings passion and sexuality but with a purity.  I am feeling here that many of us have been doing our inner work this year, listening to your intuition and are now beginning to walk the path of our passion.  Sure there are those that are still hung up in the on the rat wheel, but are still feeling the pull from their passion cords.  For those that have, pay attention to the synchronicities and the thrill they  are bringing you.  It can be like one step leading you here, then to lead you there, then to lead you there…get my drift?  Let your passion drive you.

In the hidden area is the STORK.  Storks bring changes, movements and improvements.  Here in the hidden placement, this is letting us know that underneath the surface, change is happening.  You may not be aware of it now, but it is happening.  This can be a move and for those trying to have a baby, this is a good sign.  Seasons always change, it doesn’t make it bad.  Allow the stork to usher in the evolution.

What is known is the STAIRS.  Choices, choices!!  Through following our intuition and the path it has put us on, we maybe finding that some things may not be carried into our new season.  What we have to know is that some things are NOT meant to change with us.  There maybe a choice or decision you need to make, either a person or thing and even a job.  Sometimes things may have different energy levels, meaning a growth can not happening when you are under suppression.  What you have to realize is that even when you are not making a choice a choice is being made.  And those other times where the choice will be made foryou.  You need to step up here and take control of your life and be the one that makes the decision, not some one else.  when we allow others to make our choices, they are normally not for our highest good.  Only you can make the correct decisions for you.  Do not label them though, do what feels right in your gut!

For our advice is the CHILD.  Here is about remembering your child like wonder.  Children are innocent, give us hope and teach us how to have fun.  Their energy is about lightness, and not getting bogged down.  When is the last time you truly laughed??  Hysterically??  When is the last time you just played, at whatever, but just played?  It is time NOW!  This time of year is hard on many.  Whether it be money or missing loved ones, the holidays can be heart breaking.  The Child is advising you to remember to have fun again, remember to laugh..even at yourself!  Your loved ones wouldn’t want you to be in pain like this.  You should be happy, and if you don’t know what makes you happy…Wouldn’t NOW be the right time?!

In our outcome, we have the MOON.  Moon is about love and emotions, our intuition/psychic abilities.  Moon brings emotional illuminations as well as fame.  I also see the Moon as a light guiding us on our path, illuminating on those things within the darkness.    Even leading us out of the darkness.  Here, the moon is telling us that we are being guided out of the dark.., Those things that are hidden are slowly being revealed to us.  Don’t let the watery influence of the Moon to wreck or give you a influx in emotions, keep them under control.  Work getting things done into this card.

The energy supporting this reading is the FISH.  Fish are about abundance and notice there are just 3 fish on there.  the number 3 is about manifestation, this is a great card for this energy we are in.  I am feeling here that the energy is very fertile, meaning you have great opportunity to see that which you truly want to manifest.  All you have to do is take steps in its direction.  YOU have to make ACTION!!

ThI hope this reading helped you and I thank you for reading!  If you would like a more detailed reading for this solstice new moon energy OR if you just would like a more personal reading just send me an email and we can work out the details.

~ by SironaRose on December 22, 2014.

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