Cartomancy Reading Gemini Full Moon 12/6/2014


The energy we are coming out of is  the BOOK this is about knowledge, hidden knowledge and even secrets being uncovered. This can be about education as well. Since this is the energy we are coming out of, this is saying that true knowledge has been received
The energy we are in now is the FLOWERS.  Flowers are about beauty, happiness and love. With them being pink, it could simply mean to give yourself the gift of self love. Here we are receiving the knowledge in a living way. True what we may have discovered isn’t pleasant, but we must focus on the bigger picture fully seeing this as a gift.  The full moon illuminates the things that are hidden.  To better serve yourself for the higher good, it may mean we need detach from the issues so we can truly see the gift being given to us. 
The energy coming is the STAR.  Stars have guided people for centuries.  This card can simply mean to “wish upon a star”.  Star in the outcome is telling us that when you truly see the gift that have come to you, it will lead you to the path or goal for your highest good.  You can literally be in the position of reaching up and grabbing what you want. Remember, you are responsible for you and listen to your intuition! 
Card carrying the energy of the reading is GARDEN.  This is very complimentary to December as this is the month many gather together with others.  Here is urging us to gather with those that are like minded.  Pay attention to the energy you put your selves in.
Hope you enjoyed and I wish you all a Happy Full Moon!!

~ by SironaRose on December 6, 2014.

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