Yogic Cleansing


Recently, I have been in the synchronicity flow. I have found myself surrounded by such beautiful, talented individuals.   I love music and I know that it heals.  I especially love to watch people play music from their heart and soul.  I was recently reconnected with some one that was a true surprise.  I decided to follow this energy, surrendering to the flow.  This reconnection has been such a blessing.  I often look into others eyes, seeing their heart and soul.  This time it was my heart, my soul that was being peered into.  As we spoke, there was no time nor space, we simply were.  Every word I said was taken in, every word they spoke kissed my ear with such purity.  As I sat there staring that them, staring at me, there was such pureness and light.  I could see the energy coming and going, surrounding and enveloping us.  I could see such beauty and in that moment, I felt the true feeling of one-ness.  As I looked into their soul, seeing that great beauty, I realized that we were reflections for each other.  No beginnings, no endings just this place.

After being reminded by all the wonderful yoga teachers I have around me, I decided to get myself up and begin yoga again.  I got about 20 minutes into it, then felt I should sit in lotus position for a moment.  As I sat there and began to breathe, the tears began to flow.  Every heart break that I had suffered from being involved with those that do not truly honor me began to heal.  As the tears rolled down my face, I began to balance my chakras.  Through every chakra was a deep healing, and yes I felt the release.  As I moved up my spine, tears began to flow heavy and fast.  My face that had just started to become wet with sweat, was soaked with tears…cleansing tears.  I felt tears being pushed out from depths that I wasn’t even aware of.  Every chakra in my body was purging, pushing the pain out.  Normally I am a happy person, but here and through these connections began a deep healing.  My soul cried and cried.  It was releasing all the energy that had touched me, not by love but by agenda.  I was releasing what seemed like decades of sadness that had been hidden deep within me.  Every tear had a moment and by releasing that tear, I released the hidden pain.  I was seeing how I dishonored myself by allowing those into my life that didn’t honor me as well.  I feel that as we open ourselves to help others heal, we, in turn, heal our self.  We have to be conscious in our life. We have to understand cycles and seasons, when to let go and when to hold on.  Not every one wants a healing.  Through all these events that have been happening in my life, I feel that I have been awakened to a new part of myself.  The energy is even flowing through my body differently.  These feelings and experiences I have been having I honestly can not even describe, for there are no words.  My heart and soul a filled with a peace now, an immutable peace.  I will only allow those of pureness to enter my life.   My body has always been my temple, but now the energy has been refocused, cleansed and doors.  Yes doors, for only those that are truly worthy are allowed into my energy.  This should go to every one.  I hope my words here help you heal.

From my heart to your heart…..                                                                                Namaste, Stacy

~ by TerraRubrae on November 25, 2014.

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