Karmic Ties

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This intense energy that we have been having for the past 2 years, has really meant many changes for many people.  Many lost jobs they hated, but needed.  Many left relationships that were unhealthy, and in some cases were needed for material reasons.  It seems it has been an energy of stripping away, for some, almost to the raw.  But why?  I do not believe in coincidences, for I am an energy worker and I see the energetic connections.  I do feel that people and circumstances come into your life for a reason.  These feelings can be deep and strong and leave you with life long lessons.  These karmic relationships can be the most hurtful but most rewarding.  In these karmic relationships, we are coming together with another to work out some things.  To fix or mend, but mostly to balance.  You go through so much with them and this makes the connection strong.  This isn’t always bad.  When you are growing in the same direction, it can be quite rewarding indeed.  You could form a true soul connection relationship where you actually do become one.  But if you seem to be going in two different ways, this means pretty much means your time together has come to an end.  I do not want this to be taken in a light manner, meaning I am not one that believes in running when things get hard.  I am saying if you find yourselves growing in different directions, maybe one isn’t growing, this can bring more harm than good so a separation is imminent.

The separation from this type of relationship can be devastation and down right feel like you are going through hell.  You may ask yourself why.  Why is this hurting so bad when it is something that needs to be done, for the health of all?  These ties are deep seated in our souls.  This relationship with this person goes back lifetimes.  Many times, you have had many lives with this person that has left emotions scars on your soul.  This is why you may say ” I love them, but I am really not sure why”.  Some times, things aren’t black or white.  You are at that point where you know that in order for you both to be happy, you must separate.  This is a normal feeling.  It is Ok to still love them, it is OK to still wish them well and it is OK not to live with them as well.  Just because you love some one doesn’t mean you are meant to BE together.  Love runs deep, but it also shouldn’t hurt.  You cant let your emotions over run you here.  When you separate< SEPERATE>  The back and forth does nothing but postpone the inevitable, causing much more pain.  Show yourself compassion and love during this time.  It is not a time of I should’ve or could’ve , this only punishes yourself.  No regrets, you are where you need to be.  At first, I am not promising it will be easy,  because you will feel the energetic separation.  It will get better.  Learning to stand on your feet all by yourself can be hard, especially when they are shaky.  Seek energy healing, that will help you unblock, balance and let go.  Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, do that which sings to your heart.  You should focus on feeding your soul.  You have to release all the old before you can have the new.  It’s simple energy.  The higher your energy the higher vibration.  Remember your lessons and always honor yourself.

Many Blessings

~ by TerraRubrae on November 19, 2014.

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