Cartomancy Reading 11/13/2014


Hi everyone!  I hope you have caught your breath, or in the process of catching your breath from the energy of October.  Wow, very intense times.  Some are still having these intense energies due to changes they are going through and some are at the other end and dealing wtih the intensity of life after the change.  I offer these readings are a bit of a confirmation for ALL and offer up some guidance.  Enjoy!!!

Cartomancy reading:

I hope you all made it through October in one piece. I am sure many of you are having to learn new things, or even learn to exist in a new start to life.  While this period we are in now can be one of rebuilding or just simply building, I know many of you are still going through intense times.

As I was shuffling the cards, the SUN card popped out.  This tells me that the energy of growth is very abundant right now.   I urge you to be real careful here, be mindful what you are putting your energy in because that is where the growth will happen.

  1. Situation  BIRCH, this card can be about tempers flaring, conflict, arguments or something done hastefully as well.  One other meaning is literally cracking the whip.  And as I look at the other cards I feel this is more of what it is meaning here.  As the SUN is present, we need to put all of our stuff together, “get our ducks in a row”.  Which way are you wanting to grow?  What is your heart and soul pulling you to?  Pay attention to where you are focusing your energy on.  If you’re not liking where you are now, then you need to change your perception to bring in a higher vibration to transmute things.
  2. Challenge BOOK, this card is about knowledge and secrets, education and privacy.  This is saying that our challenge is to see with clarity, having our rose colored glasses being removed.  With the Sun’s energy as the base of the reading, this is saying that you will not have trouble seeing or knowing what has been hidden from you.  The challenge here is are you able to truly see things for what they are?  When this card is in the challenge position, it is telling me that the clarity we have been shown, is taking us some time to swallow.  It is OK to take some time to let things settle in, but we do need to press on and go forward.  The importance here is to remember that knowledge, remember your lessons so you dont repeat.
  3. Advice STAR, Stars have guided men for centuries to help shine the way for us on our path of exploration.  The Star supports you on your new path, shining the way for you.  The advice here is wish upon your star, pick the direction you wish to go, the path you are being pulled down and GO!  The Star energy is that of healing, success and good omens.
  4. Outcome FLOWERS, Flowers have long be known as gifts of love, either friendly or romantic.  Here flowers bring in their sweet scent of happiness.  Recieving a true gift from the heart.  This is a happy ending here and it may even surprise you that the true gift you receive here is you!

Bottom card:

Woman, this is saying to make sure you are nurturing yourself, taking care of you.  Here is where we heal.  With all the intensity, the busy-ness and action this is stressing self care.  We work to get to where we want to be, but we must also retreat and get some well needed rest.  Do that which feeds your soul

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.  If you would like a personal, more in-depth reading, please email me privately and we can get that arranged.  Have a wonderful month and REMEMBER keep true on your path and don’t forget your lessons!

Rev Stacy

~ by SironaRose on November 14, 2014.

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