Terra Report 10/29/2014


Greetings everyone!  I hope all is well with you and you have all weather through Mercury retrograde and these eclipses (lunar and solar).  Many have had such intense times.  Whether this be emotional, financial or just a rebuilding of your life, it feels the past familiar is long gone.  We have entered the sign of Scorpio and yes more intensity.  Scorpio is a water sign and yes this deals with emotions.  Scorpio is secretive, rules the shadow side, deep mysteries and metaphysics.  It can be seen as those deep questions we ask ourselves, who are we? Why are we here?  Scorpio is about transformation/change.  Typically this time is known as last harvest.  I want to mention here that Mars entered Capricorn on October 26th and will stay there until December 4th.  This is major determination.  During this time,  we have the chance to see others for who they are.  Many people only put up fronts.  They want you in their life for what you can do for them, how you can help them.  It’s giving us the energy to see the fake-ness in others.  The gift of Scorpio is actually seeing truth.  Through us seeing things clearly we are able to gather our self and rise again, better and stronger than we were before.  Leaving behind the rubble and being birthed into the newness of the truth of our self.  This time has been especially intense for me.  I know many of you are going through this intensity as well.  We have to drop the masks and be who we truly are.  Authenticity.  We are able to embrace who we are.  We learn to love our shadow, befriend it, to find who we truly are.  I know many of you have ended relationships, distanced yourself from others that don’t resonate with you any longer and even changed jobs (or forced out of one you didn’t like).  These times of upheavals can be scary, but do not feed this fear.  Allow the intense energy of Scorpio to help you rejuvenate, help you become the phoenix.  Bowing down to the fear will make us go into ego and make us disconnect.  We must begin living from the inside out.  We’ve all heard that all change starts within and it does.  The Kabbalah teaches us that our outer world is a mirror for our inner world.  IF we are having issues on the outside, we must reevaluate ourselves and make changes where need be.  If we continue to let fear rule us, we will become lost (disconnected) and this is the last thing we want to do.  Being who we are on our inside helps us become closer to the Almighty.  There are many things happening in our world right now that is tempting us to stay in fear, but it accomplishes nothing for us.  We have to continue on finding the truth.  When we fully understand that concept the Kabbalah teaches us, we begin to fully see why the people that are in our life are in our life.  We see how they  are helping us do our inner work, whether we realize it or not.  Our astrological energy is actually harmonious, it would behoove us to really take advantage of this energy.  This is actually a good energy for meeting your soulmate, this energy is in for physically and spiritually attraction.  Meeting the one that can bring a deep impact on your life or deepening your existing relationship.  Like I stated previously, this is harmonious energy.  The thing is the time has come to choose.  Do you want to continue in pain, lies and abandonment, stay in toxic relationships, keep lying to yourself OR do you want to stop all the things that no longer serve YOU..own who you are!  Use this Scorpio energy to allow you to transform into you in your best highest self.  The more you stand on the truth of who you are, the more you are connected to the Almighty.  This will completely open your world to things you would only dream about.  Let your soul shine.  I believe that we all have special unique gifts that we bless this planet with, but the only way we can do this is to be our true authentic self.  YOU have to make that choice, you can no longer see saw back and forth.  Your either in or out….

What are you doing to do?

I didnt want to close before I mentioned the solar flares and energy shifts that are happening.  Many have been feeling nauseated, dizzy or just feeling not their self (out of their heads).  This is to aid us in this transformation.  This is giving us the intense energy to back us up, to aid us in making these changes that need to be made.  I know I have spoke about these changes in several posts, this should show you the way the energy is going here.  This is saying NOW IS THE TIME.  We have been working up to this time for a while now, seize it.  Take advantage of this.  Don’t let it get you down, let it help you.  Work through it, it is a higher energy and that’s what you want to do, you want to rise to a higher frequency.  See this time as helping you not harming you.  If you go into the feeling of “harming you”, that is when you are surrendering to fear, which allows our EGO to come out and play—not in a good way.

Feel this, allow it to help you on your path to becoming the best authentic self you can become.

Shalom and Namaste

Rev Stacy

~ by TerraRubrae on October 29, 2014.

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