New Moon Reading 9/24/2014


I wish everyone a lovely new moon tonight.  We just welcomed the Autumn Equinox, a new moon tonight and tomorrow will usher in Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year taking us in to the year 5775.  Even though there is a lot of violence going on in our world right now, I am feeling this is an auspicious time.   I am really feeling the energy of a new year, even the planets have been giving way to that as well. Libra is about balancing our life, mind, body and soul, work with physical the spiritual.   I am feeling many of us have been nostalgic in some ways.  The efforts that we have made to peel back layers of ourselves that not longer serve us has basically led us on the path of remembrance.  Remembering our inner voice and truth.  Teaching us how once again to listen to our Soul.  Normally, I pull a reading for all before the phases of the moon, but this time I feel now is more of an appropriate time…listening to my intuition.  So here’s the reading I pulled:




Energy we are coming from is that of the Fox and 6 of Stones.  The FOX is always referred as cunning, and being led astray.  Here with the 6 of Stones, meaning success but not necessarily long term success. These two cards together speak of success, but not of truth.  Meaning we have been lead astray of what we thought was real and stable.  Maybe finding out you have taken the wrong path that first was sweet but is turning out to be bitter.  My feeling here is being led down a path that looked good, but wasn’t truth.  This can vary from starting a job that you thought would be rewarding only to find out that it’s not a rewarding as promised.  Or even getting into a relationship with someone and it turns out you are two separate people, going two separate ways.  This is surface deep here, no stability or depth.  So we are coming from the energy of unveiling truths to us, seeing what has been hidden from our sight.


Energy we are in now is the DOG and The Sun.  The DOG is always a card of loyalty, companionship and trustworthiness.  The Sun is life and growth and things going good.  Defined clarity and a time to breathe.  This seems to be a lovely placement here as we are coming out of false success.  This is saying that clarity is here and we can trust in it.  Trusting yourself here, being able to take the lead of your life and make things happen is advised.  You can trust this growth process.  The truths that were revealed to you, you can now go forward with easement and now that you are making the correct decisions for your highest good.


Advice for dealing with this is the TOWER and 5 of Wands.  The TOWER in Lenormand has a bit of a different meaning than the tarot.  Here, the TOWER is about corporations, organizations, institutions boundaries and isolation.  Can mean protection, security and seat of power.  Paired with the 5 of Wands which is about competition and fighting.  Usually a fight that will take great, great effort.  I am hearing here two different messages:  1)  Don’t let the views of others make you feel like you have failed.  Just because you aren’t following what others think you should be doing doesn’t mean you are wrong.  2)  Don’t let the energy that is happening right now put you in a hopeless place.   Do not let the woes of the world taint your thoughts and feelings, messing with your manifestations and the energy you are bringing forth to the world.


Outcome of the reading is the STAR and the FOOL.  This is a very good pairing as well.  The STAR is guidance, healing, inspiration and can mean a new path.  The FOOL is about new beginnings as well.  I am feeling this is saying that you will begin a new path, one of healing and one that may look like a leap of faith, but it can be trusted in.  This is a good energy, one that can lead to your wildest fantasies, meaning one that is the highest good of our Soul.


The cards on the bottom of the decks were THE CLOVER AND SONS OF CUPS.  The CLOVER is a good omen, it is one of good luck, things getting better and happiness.  The Sons of Cups is the seeker, he kneels before his goal following his dream.  I am feeling that the energy holding the reading is saying that it’s OK to follow your dreams, your Soul’s calling will bring you much happiness.

Hope this reading helps you out!  Wishing you ALL harmonic abundance!

Also, if you would like a more personal reading, please email me for details.

Loving energy to you



**The decks used were the cartomancy deck, Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck and the Quest Tarot deck.  I picked the Quest deck because it carries more of a Kabbalahist energy to it, giving us more of a “soul’s path” feel.


~ by TerraRubrae on September 24, 2014.

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