Terra Report/Pisces Full Harvest Moon Reading

We are coming to our Full Moon is Pisces, this is going to be a very powerful moon.  You’ve  probably already feeling been feeling this energy.  Venus in Virgo, is adding to this energy as well.  Our Sun comes in opposite with Chiron.  Can you see the deep healing here?

unnamed (4)

I pulled a reading yesterday and at the time, I feel that it was the right time to share it.  I was feeling that I should wait a minute and now I know why.  The reading was Queen of cups ( R ), Fool card and 7 of Pentacles with the underlying energy of the 2 of Swords.  Catching up on my astrology this morning, now I see why I needed to wait!  WOW that reading is SO accurate.  We haven’t taken the moment to do our deep healing that is needed to happen.  People are dealing with these emotions or situation that they are going through.  Feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness seems to be taking the theme.  The Fool card tells us that we can trust in the divine plan.  We can “trust” our self.  Listening to your intuition.  Yes I know that seems to be the theme for the past few readings, as it should.  We have our own warning systems in our bodies and if we are listening and being conscious of our inner voice, it will lead us into all the paths that will aid in our evolution.  The 7 of Pentacles tells us that it is harvest time.  Time to harvest all that we have put our energy into, perfect as we are leaving Libra and going into Scorpio.  The only way that you will be able to reap great rewards is by trusting in yourself, your intuition.  Following the path easily.  Learning and accepting that all has a season, helps us to detach from those things that no longer self our highest good.  Thats the underlying card 2 of Swords.  Choice and decisions here.  You have free will, you have the option how you want to proceed.  Again, action needs to be taken.  Coming out of the New Moon, inward healing, gave us the energy of listening to our heart and intuition and making choices that truly serve the highest good for us.


Now I want to talk about this Pisces Full Harvest Moon we have coming up.  The Scorpio energy we are coming into is this “harvest”.  Scorpio is like the Death card, taking away the old to make room for the new.  Transition time.  Which is why Pluto is Scorpio’s planet (I know technically Mars too).  Pluto is the Death card as well and as Mars and Saturn have been in Scorpio this is major releasing or detaching.  This is about releasing attachments, and this can mean pretty much anything you have an attachment to.  When you cant release the old way, you continue to live there, bringing on depression, despair and hopelessness.  When we are feeling this is it telling us that we aren’t learning the lesson, we are choosing to stay stuck in the past.  Pluto, our transition planet, takes away all that does not serve our highest good, or what many like to call our soul’s evolution.  While Chiron is opposite the Sun and is in Pisces.  Chiron in Pisces is a perfect placement, as both resonate healing energy.  It is the energy of healing consciously, for unity.  We were supposed to find our individuality, and now it is time to unite on a conscious level.  Sun opposite Chiron this is allowing some deep healing here, old wounds, roots of our pain.  This energy reminds me of the saying “When your walking through Hell, just keep on walking”.  Meaning, be active here.  Allow your Divine Feminine energy to guide you on your soul’s path, but use your Divine Masculine energy to take action on the situation you’ve been dealt.

So on to our next reading I did today for this Pisces Full Moon.  Oh WOW!  This is really resonating with this full moon.

unnamed (3)

First card, the past,  is the Fool card, which is neat when it was the present card for yesterdays reading.  Learning to trust, taking that leap of faith and new beginnings here.  Being open here, with no attachments from the past.  Not going down the path you’re “supposed” to go down, but the one your intuition is calling you to.

Second card, present that which we are coming into, is the 3 of Wands.  This is new adventure here.  Three’s are about manifestation.  And here you are setting out in a new direction, the unknown.  This is you using the Divine Masculine energy to act.  This is what feels right for you.  This new adventure is one of much thought, contemplation.  One of listening to your intuition, and making sound judgments.

The third card is the King of Cups.  So this is a good sign here.  The King of Cups  s a heart filled man.  This is accepting our full healing and becoming someone that is their OWN compass.  Manifestation of heart consciousness.  This is intuitive, visionary energy.   This is the full energy of this Pisces Full Moon.

The underlying card is the 10 of Swords.  Heavy card here.  So the energy is that taking us into this reading is hopelessness and powerlessness.  Feelings of despair, stabbed in the back, done wrong.  So what I am seeing is us making the decision to come out of that depressing isolated energy to one of allowing the true energy of healing to encompass and manifest itself within us.  One of consciously waking up.

~ by TerraRubrae on September 5, 2014.

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