Terra Report 8/25/2014

crescent-moon-goddess (2)

So, saying the energy has been intense lately, doesn’t even half way describe it.   Lots of stuff happening with people.  We are seeing anger, frustration just an overwhelming feeling of being fed up.  There are many that are just so unhappy and really don’t know how to make themselves happy.  Many are going through some major transitions in their lives and are having to learn how to be and allow it all to flow.  You see, letting go of our old can be confusing because it is new to us.  This is a new energy for us.  Many are getting what we have been wanting and asking for, so what are you going to do with it?  Co-creation is very important here.  Many will find that they will need the help of others to go forward.  Those coming together with the same intentions is awesome.  More energy!!  This Leo energy has really been calling on the heart chakra, doing what it can to open our heart chakra to expand.  Sometimes this can dredge up past hurts that need to come to the surface to be healed.  This Virgo New Moon is bringing a healing energy with her.  We are needing this, since many have been dealing with stuff from the past, stuff we thought we had dealt with, but has been brought up again. May be making some feel emotionally worn out.  We have been having to deal with the hurt we have brought into our own lives by the decisions we have made.  This includes all areas of your life.   Fully taking in your environment, good or bad, and realizing it was brought about by decisions we have made in the past.  The importance here is seeing the benefits here.  Taking responsibility for self opens us to the energy of freedom.  You make the choices in your life and yes, there are always choices. Have you truly been taking care of you?  Have you been honest with yourself?  Loving self authentically is the message of Leo here. As we go into Virgo, we are entering great healing here.  There is a lot of war going on here on our planet, so this Virgo energy is very much needed. I hear the old saying “it’ll get worse before it’ll get better”.  That for me means that we have to clean out our personal baggage. Our baggage must be dealt with in order for us to go forward.  You can’t hide from it, it will manifest itself in many, many ways.   Many may be feeling attacked, especially by old patterns.  We have look at our core beliefs, examine them.  Are they serving us in the highest good?   But before that healing, we have to let go of the hurt.  We have to come of out the energy of separation.  True at this time, we do not want to be ONE with ALL.  So, for that healing to come, we must first expand our heart chakra, let the lines of separation disappear and understand that they were invented to keep us separate and then say NO MORE!!  When we do that, the healing will come.

Virgo asks us how are we in service to the world.  Virgo’s are very grounded and practical, the salt of the Earth types, that are very much aware of their health.  So that’s where the self love comes in.  We need to pay attention, are we living our life in illusion?  Neptune is influencing this time and is dreamy but can be creative.  All will soon become known, so please be very careful in making decisions.  Truth will reveal itself.  We’ve been working hard at manifesting our dreams, so allow Virgo’s attention to detail show you the step by step process to help you reach your goals.  On this Virgo New Moon, ask for these steps to be illuminated for you.  Neptune’s influence will aid in the creativity process.  Allow yourself to clear and cleanse all things that no longer serve you, this is about taking care of YOU.  Become aware and allow this clear flowing energy to help you rejuvenate.  

~ by SironaRose on August 25, 2014.

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