Love’s Path

to loved and lost is better than to never love at all…..


We all have heard those words, but yet those words can not take the heartache away from losing someone you love.  To have someone in your life that really just makes you hear sing is such a blessing.  We go along with this person, spending every little precious moment with them, usually sharing our most intimate of intimates with them.  Life is going so sweet, then they decide to take leave from our lives.  What do we do?  They leave such a hole in our lives, it may seem that we will never get over them.

That saying above is accurate, but does not soothe the hearts wounds.  Truth is, we will never be able to understand why.  You can reason with yourself, saying they are just following their heart, their personal journey.  But still the heart ache remains.  This person played such a crucial role in our life, such closeness, how could they just leave?  To love some one, either romantically or just for friends, opens you up to a kind of vulnerability.  Normally, we have such a strong connection with this person, that we will unconsciously open our self wide open.  The boundaries we sat before, just don’t seem to exist to this person.  Laugh at inside jokes, read each other’s mind from across the room, can just think of them and they call or text, so connected.  Life is in harmony, balanced.  You even feel it inside you.  It’s like you have a different view of the world, a new perspective.  Then distance begins.  The oddness in their voice.  Sure they play it off, but they forget that you can feel them, you know them intimately.  Surely we you ask “is something wrong” they would tell you.  Your close, feeling as though you complete each other.  But it’s still there.  Why aren’t they talking to you?  Then they leave, either a quick text or nothing at all.  But why?

We know everyone has a path to follow, and we should respect that.  We do, but our heart does not.  We send those unanswered messages, just hoping for something, even if they are telling us to get lost.  Nothing.  Silence, loneliness, a void.  If they cared for you, like they said they did, then how could they do this?  They know this would break your heart, why didn’t they just talk to you?  The million dollar question…..WHY?  Most psychologist would say “because they could” but honestly…WHY????    There are many different reasons people do what they do, be it right or wrong.  Many genuinely care of you, but show it poorly.  Many see so much in you, you’re just too bright.  Others see so much beauty in you, they feel unworthy.  As a society, we get so lost in our own feelings and emotions, that we forget about the other.  Maybe they are having to fight some inside demons that they just can’t tell you about.  Maybe they felt that they would get so lost in your, they would lose themselves.  Then there are times that they just can’t keep up with the games and lies and just cannot admit that where you are is completely out of their league.  There are many answers to that question.  I dont even really believe they could tell you exactly why.  Sometimes people just are at a place in life where they cannot fully love you the way you ought to be loved because they haven’t fully learned to love them self. They may be doing some inner work that we know nothing of, maybe they don’t even realize it.

I wish I could take all heartache away.  I wish I could give you that love you are missing in your life that seems like such a huge void, but I cant.  We can do some energy work, but when you can’t let go… just can’t let go.  I can tell you that there was an experience there, a good one.  Learn from it.  Remember all the warning signs in the beginning, because they are there.  And then the old favorite…”It’s better to love and to lost than to never have loved at all”.  Yes, I fully agree.  Why you ask?  Gratitude.  When we are in that “gratitude” energy, it brings more of that energy to us.  Not the leaving you alone energy, the “I am so happy I experienced such warmth and love and understanding, compassion, passion, etc”.  You see they shared such an intimate time with you.  You possibly met some deep parts of them self they barely knew, much less anyone else.  It may not have been ideal, and yes they were wounded in some way, but at least you two were able to share in such a connected moment that many, many people do not even get to experience at all.  You felt what it really meant to be ONE with someone.  You felt secure, accepted and safe.  You felt so much love in your heart you knew it was just going to burst wide open.  You had it.  Yes I know key words “had it”, but it’s true.  You experienced such love from them and they picked you to share them self with.  Be honored, even if they are not.  Feel that loves you felt, feel how it makes you feel.  Good yes?  Feel good about this.

I am not saying you will get over it over night, or in a month, but I am saying it will get easier.  I am asking you to look at it from LOVE not emotions.  See them stepping out on their great big path of finding them self.  Wish them luck and many blessings of love and peace, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for those that you love?  You may not understand and you may never get an answer, but you will always remember those feelings.  Keep them safe in your heart to remind you how to love like that again, learning to feel happiness like that again.  Or hopefully have better.  Take a moment, feel them, feel the love you have for them and see them happy.  Because if you truly love someone, you want them to be happy.

For, “If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back to you, it was yours from the beginning.  If it does not, it wasn’t yours from the start”.

Rest easy, be in peace, and heal your heart!



~ by SironaRose on August 24, 2014.

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