Gaia Sophia’s Preistesses


Many people have heard the word “priestess” and maybe Medieval thoughts of women of Avalon come to mind.  While those such places may still exist in ultimate privacy, it has become a thing in the past.  Since the big wave of the Divine/Sacred Feminine (and I will refer to it as Sacred from here out) up rising in the past year, there have been many women coming together…finding their tribe. As we have been seeing in the world here lately, the patriarch is still showing it’s violent head.  It has been hard at work trying to wipe out this energy.  And I am here to say, that it will not work.  You see we live on the ultimate Goddess, she brought us into this world and she can take us out (so to speak).  The horrors that are happening in this world right now is just, well, there is no word for this kind of brutality.  So as Priestesses, those whom have awakened to their Sacred Feminine, it our responsibility to help our men to awaken to their Sacred Masculine.  I know that women have had a hard time through the ages, but men have as well.  It seems the energy of the patriarch wants to wipe out both, making us all ultimately slaves to greed, jealousy and violence.  ALL of these are of lower vibration and what it referred to as bottom feeders/bottomlings.   I am sure most of you know of the rise and fall of our Divinity, so I will not go through all of that….it is the past anyways, we must focus on NOW and our childrens future.  At this time many women are coming together.  They resonate with each other and feel as though they know each other from way back.  They are dreaming of their past lives, even can remember them in waking.  They experience a connection like no other, one of complete Sistarhood.  They look like every day women, have families, jobs and responsibilities.  Things have changed for these Sistars, as they are not in temples dedicating their whole lives to the Goddess…or are they???   The temples may only exist during their meeting times, but they have realized the importance it is NOW to raise children, that are awakened at birth, to stay awakened and not brainwashed by patriarchy.  Another responsibility these women have is helping their husbands awaken to their Divine Sacred Masculine.  So why is that important?  Well, men in the past have been taught to be hard, rough not really listening to their heart, but listening to complete logic.  They have been taught, through society, to be controlling.  They are strong, so they must be in control of all.  Sure there are exceptions, but I am speaking more on majority.  In order to completely understand why we are where we are, we must FULLY study our history and herstory.  Open our minds to the TRUTH of why we are here where we are.  Greed and fear of the unknown come to my mind, but please do your own research here.  So why I am writing this?  I am writing this because Grandmother has spoken to me, showed me how our Mother Earth is in such despair and WE are the only ones that can stop it.  HOW??  AWARENESS.  But first things, first.  It is time for us Sistars/Priestesses to help our males out in awakening to their Divinity.  It is time to teach our males how to listen to their heart, how listening to their intuition is OK and it is the Soul that will guide us in the correct ways.  Think about this, if ALL were doing this, would we be having the violence we are having now???  NO  The thought wouldn’t even cross your mind.  We were warned, but we did not listen. It is TIME!  Many know exactly what the Sacred Feminine represents, but have NO idea what the Sacred Masculine represents. It represents strength, honor, action, courage but it also includes heart and soul.  I always say that the Sacred Feminine is the river and the Sacred Masculine is the riverbed.  Sacredness must be returned.  I feel that is why Tantra is on the rise now, but you see there can be a dark side to that as well.  I am focusing on the Tantra that is more of creation and higher vibration.  Two by two.  There are many failing marriages right now, for many different reasons.  But the MAIN reason is the lack of CONNECTION.  This is where the importance of Tantra comes in.  We like to say lack of communication, and some of that can be true.  Due to all the distractions we have in our lives right now, many are unhappy and wanting to escape.  It’s the “grass is greener” theory.  It ALL boils down to lack of CONNECTION.  The lack of looking into each other’s eyes and seeing the Soul.  It’s not connecting on a Spiritual level.  NOT RELIGION!  For it seems that is a big culprit for SEPARATION.    We must understand what happiness is, and my friends I don’t care what kind of toys you have, and you may  feel happy….but knowing what is going on right now on our planet and even in places that are supposed to be free, how can you fully be?  How can you claim your up most happiness when people keep killing each other in the name of greed?  I will not go into all of that, for I am here to help others awaken to their Divinity and to help their loved ones do so as well. Turning ourselves on and tapping ourselves in will be the only way to complete happiness.  So my Sistars and Brothers, it is time.  Sistar’s be the Priestesses you are and help awaken divinity in ALL LIFE!



~ by SironaRose on August 17, 2014.

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