Sunday Morning


Good Sunday morning!  It’s a cool wet morning in the country side of South Georgia.  I love waking up to cleansed earth.  As I stand on the cool wet grass, I can feel it pulling toxins from me, cleansing me.  I gave the weeds around my hydrangea a “hair cut”, I felt a deep connection to earth.  Her smell is like no other, the offering of her soul to me, brings me to a level of humbleness like I have never experienced. 

I feel a deep cleansing today.  Not one of releasing, but one of the healing that takes place after a great release.  There is stillness, a sense of peace.  As I sit here and feel the sweetness of the peace, it’s hard to imagine anything negative going on in the world right now.  The birds are singing, frogs croaking and crickets serenading us all, I truly feel one with Mother Earth.  I don’t want to leave this place.  I can feel the energies of the whimsical Fae, feeling their healing energy even hear them singing through the breeze.   I feel like a swaddled new born, safe and secure.  As my dogs are licking the water off the leaves, I can feel their love of this energy. 

There is a newness to this day.  And, as much as I would love to stay right here, I know that I must begin my day.  There is so much new life growing where they cut down the trees, it’s telling me it is time for new growth.  The trees are whispering to me the necessity of seasons…cycles.  And before a new cycle, at times, there must be complete devastation.  A season and time for all.  That’s what this energy feels like this morning, a new cycle. Freshly cleansed, and ready to begin a new cycle… maybe even path.  I hope you are able to enjoy the freshly cleansed grass beneath your feet and allow it to cleanse you. Allow that which is inside of you bursting to be known BLOOM!  Take your time and find it..your passion.  Listen to the calling of your soul, to live your life in complete Ecstasy.  Begin the ecstatic new cycle/ journey of your soul. Blessing of ecstasy to you ALL!

~ by SironaRose on August 3, 2014.

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  1. Yes 🙂

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