Divine Energy


Living on this planet, we are subject to many different laws.  I wrote a blog about a year ago concerning the Universal Laws.  I feel as long as we are physically existing on this Earth we are all subject to them.  Karma being one..cause and effect.  As I sit here, knowing what is going on around our dear Mother Earth, I am saddened.  Even just taking a glimpse at the news is devastating for an empath.  Last year, there was a huge cry out for the awakening of the Divine Feminine.  Started out great, but as i am seeing what is going on in the world, it isn’t going forth.  Now, many will say you have to have the balance of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, and this is true.  The key word…BALANCE!  The Divine Feminine has been feared for many, many years  Not because it’s some secret knowledge or out of this world concept.  Simply because it’s the creative force, the intuition, compassion.  As well as this energy, we need to couple that with the Divine Masculine…ACTION.  When these two energies meet, greatness will manifest.  It’s the holy trinity, it’s the divine marriage, it’s the complete tantra.  Male + Female = enlightenment (Christ self).  Look at the world right now, where are you seeing the Divine Feminine?  In the wars?  In the killing of children?  In the “turning our heads” from our brothers and sisters starving to death?  NO  When we are operating in the Divine Feminine, COMPASSION, these things do not exist. This energy that is circulating our Earth isn’t even Divine Masculine, it is EGO.  When these two energies (Divine Masculine and Feminine) are operating together, bliss can be reached.  We must come out of the fear of the Goddess energy, the Divine Feminine if you will.  Yin and Yang, the Law of Polarity, a balance.  Why do you fear your intuition?  Why do you fear the ecstatic energy of creation?   Why even fear the word GODDESS?  We must educate ourselves to the ultimate truth.  We can not allow the wool being pulled over our eyes.  I am not talking religion here, I am talking about a spiritual awakening, one beyond religions, beyond limitations.  One of responsibility of the actions of our Self.  Only when we have this balance, we can be truly heal

~ by TerraRubrae on July 31, 2014.

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