Reading 7/27/2014

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OK, what an awesome weekend!  The energy has felt so good.  I know there are some of you that are in different places, energetically, and it has been trying to say the least…but the best is yet to come, some of you know that you still are doing some much needed releasing.  Releasing can be difficult, so just be easy on yourself…but do not let yourself slack either!

I pulled a 4 card readings this morning, and this reading will touch on the energy coming into the new week.  The Leo New Moon coupled with the Sun in Leo gave us a wonderful energy for manifestation, I hope you took advantage of it.  So, on with the reading..


The situation is the TOWER & WHEEL OF FORTUNE:  This is telling me that YOU have the power to direct your life in the ways that you want to go.  YOU are the only one that puts restrictions on you.  There are many choices in front of you.  If you want changes, then YOU need to make them.  Otherwise, at times, they will be made for you and your best interest will NOT be the highest priority.  Many doors before you, which one (s) will you open?


Challenge is the COFFIN & JUDGMENT:  The coffin isn’t death, but more of a patience/rest kind of energy.  This is saying your challenge will be one of patience to allow the unfolding to happen.  Judgment does come, if you have patience things will work out for the highest good for you.  If you “force” something to happen, you will not get the outcome you want.  Patience, then judgment will come.  A butterfly came to me, think of a butterfly and how it starts off as a caterpillar.  There is a process.  It will happen, but YOU have to be ready for it!


Advice is BEAR & TEMPERANCE:  To me this is a double card of strength. Have enough strength to go within you and learn from your past mistakes.  Don’t let the past keep you from your hearts desires, learn from it.  Are you being honest and true to yourself?  Have you left behind those self sabotaging ways?  It takes great strength to look into a mirror and be downright honest with self.  Don’t see your past ‘mistakes” as that, see them as learning tools.  You are the only one that is responsible for you.  Taking this inward look upon ourselves, will bring a sense of balance in our lives.  For us to be prosperous, we must be balanced.  IF we feel like we are running around in circles, like you have no control,  then there is an imbalance going on. Stand tall and strong like the mighty BEAR on your rock of truth.  Get rid of those things are no longer serve your highest good, You will feel better, stronger, wiser and lighter.  The key here is HARMONIC BALANCE!


Outcome is DOG & DEATH:  This is saying that you can trust this process of transformation.  Coming into a new of Self.  The anxiety you may feel is the excitement of the new.  The unknown at your feet.  It may even take your breath away.  It is good and refreshing, like a new start.  That is the energy of the Death card, rebirth.  Leaving the old behind for the new.  Be willing to shed the old energy, and awakening to the new.  Allow your petals to open up one by one, fully taking in every moment.  You can trust this (Dog card).  Allow it to feed your Soul the deliciousness of life.  No longer are you bound to the old negative ways.  You have a fresh start, rich nutritious soil to begin on.   Enjoy this energy, fully.  Allow it to answer the calling of your soul, helping you find the ecstasy of discovering and living your heart’s desires!


The two cards at the bottom were on the bottom of the deck and hold the energy of the reading.  AMAZINGLY, they are both the MOON card.  This is all about following your intuition, your gut sense.  Allow your intuition to connect to your heart and follow it.  Your intuition is your divine gift.  It is there to guide you to that of your highest good.  It’s your higher self speaking to you, guiding you.  Listen….If you can’t hear it, go sit in nature, quietness, stillness.  Connect with Earth energy, then you will hear it.  Your intuition is whispering its sweet secrets to you, follow them!

Hope you enjoyed this reading.  If you would like a personal reading, shoot me an email.  

If you are interested in The Savannah Deck, you can get your own set here  They are the creation of Tami Sabo, native of Savannah, Georgia.  

~ by TerraRubrae on July 27, 2014.

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